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front - face

front - face

This is the main wiki in the odd-wiki-hive. You can start a new wiki here. See the page all wikis for a list, please.

Read aggregated information about the main wiki on the page odd-wiki-hive - odd-wiki-hive.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short instructions in it.

We use the odd-list-wiki to list and categorize all wikis in the odd-wiki-hive for all languages. To get an impression of them see:
all recent changes
odd-list-wiki - all faces
odd-list-wiki - all local names
odd-list-wiki - all soups
odd-list-wiki - all web-site lists
odd-list-wiki - all who help
odd-list-wiki - all wiki ideas
odd-list-wiki - all wiki lists
odd-list-wiki - all wiki-nets

Old text:

This is the new odd-wiki-hive started in 2011-06. It has been copied from the old odd-wiki-hive. Please continue here.

Responsible for the new odd-wiki-hive is MattisManzel. He says thank you to AlexSchroeder for oddmuse, for the good time in the old odd-wiki-hive and for helping to migrate it. <hug>

Odd-wiki used to be a MotherWiki. It was started towards the end of 2004. We wanted to help people get started with a wiki.

If you have created a wiki in the old odd-wiki-hive it has probably been already copied in here. All former urls beginning with http://communitywiki.org/odd/ link to their respective page beginning with http://oddwiki.org/odd/. If your wiki has been copied you will see it, continue in the new wiki, please. If you see a blanc odd-wiki page it has not been copied. About 30 wikis that had been automatically deleted a while before the migration have been recovered from backups. If you miss your wiki in the new odd-wiki-hive and would like it to be recovered send an email, please.

The plan for the old odd-wiki-hive:

  1. write notice on the main page ✓
  2. disable creation of new wikis ✓
  3. clean up any remaining spam ✓
  4. wait for a few weeks
  5. contact users of remaining wikis
  6. help migrate sites of those users that need help
  7. disable editing of existing wikis
  8. wait for all the wikis to expire
  9. shut everything down


  1. Use at your own risk.
  2. Currently the system automatically deletes all wikis that have not been edited in half a year. Just edit your wiki once before six months have passed to have it safely stay another six months in the odd-wiki-hive. No fee, no commercials, open source. :)

You can migrate your wiki to another site if you like. There is nothing as sad as discovering your wiki deleted or vandalized or spammed when you return to it after a year. Don’t do it.
Move it somewhere safe before you go on a longer trip!


Questions? Feedback? Contact MattisManzel via email.

config, the configuration of the odd-wiki-hive
maintenance, this script is running every 24 hours
status, the current status of the wikis sitting in the odd-wiki-hive

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