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front - face

Welcome to the world-jam-wiki!
It is a wiki to make worldwide jam sessions via VoIP work. Read more about it on the page world-jam.

Read aggregated information about the world-jam-wiki on en-odd-center-wiki - world-jam-wiki.

The sand-box is to try out wiki. You find short wiki instuctions in it. Play around, you can’t destroy anything. Don’t worry. There is no login required to edit. Filling in your [RealName? real name] before saving a page is good wiki style though.

Please take a look at the messages from odd-wiki for informations about odd-wikis not to be missed.

We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] and local names in in this wiki but feel free to write as you please. You find the (little) CamelCase? title of a page up to the right. When you click it it points to backlinks to the respective page.



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2006-10-16 Face

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Imagine getting a 24 / 7 global jam-session running. Imagine that session under a free license. Imagine the world-jam being streamed by internet radio.


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