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what is the wiki-net?

About the wiki-net


The wiki-net consists of several pages on every wiki automatically gathering contents from other wikis which help you to find communities of interest for a given topic.


The wiki-net is also an offer to wiki-communities to create stronger relations to each other in order to use synergistic effects by integrating certain rss-driven node-pages into their wikis to stimulate interaction.


It is based the assumption that wiki-communities are able to develop an idea about a “neighborhood” of wikis - topically, technically or structurally related wikis that an interaction with is more likely than with other wikis. These get collected on the wiki-node.


The wiki-net is a cross-engine idea and entirely decentralized. Every wiki-community is responsible for its part of the wiki-net called our wiki-net described on the local page wiki-net. All these together shape the big wiki-net.

''dynamic selection''

Communities make dynamic selections of the neighbors listed on their wiki-nodes. This selection is called our wiki-net and it triggers several rss-driven internal wiki-pages that are nodes to the “outer wikiworld”.

See also Mattis-Manzel-wiki: what is the wiki-net?

1.) wiki-net changes

The first is wiki-net changes. It shows the changes of the (currently selected) wiki-neighborhood and the changes of the wiki itself merged. You see a changes page for several wikis. It’s like zooming out in a picture, the view is more wide-angle. Recent near changes was the old name for this page. The contents of this page tends to be confusing - as changes itself tends to be confusing.

2.) wiki-net faces

The second is wiki-net faces. It assumes that wiki-communities are able to show a common face - a kinda “blog” integrated in the wiki itself and automatically attached to the end of the page front-page / face. In its “face” a community summarize what goes on in their wiki. The face is a face to the outside. A new reader reads the last face entries and knows about the wiki without having to dive into its changes. The face is an act of politeness to the public, a help for communities themselves to get aware of their own activities and it keeps the members of a community together. To put it simple: “A wiki-community without face is like a band without gigs.”
Similar to wiki-net changes the page wiki-net faces merges the face of the (currently selected) neighbors and the face of the wiki itself.

3.) hints

The third is wiki-net hints. Assuming the selections for the first two interaction-nodes in a wiki are pretty stable (though still dynamic, like good friends, some are friends for life-time, some change). The page hints offers the possibility to give a wiki-community a hint to an interesting wiki. It is more about the short term attention of a wiki-community. Likely the selections for the first two wiki-net pages will be taken within a wiki-community. Outsiders shouldn’t edit the selection or will be reverted. The hint section of the wiki-net gives outsiders (just as wiki-community members) the possibility to temporarily point the wiki-community to another wiki. Unlike the other two wiki-net pages the hints are limited by number and added/removed by date. Getting a new hint the oldest hint to a wiki in the selection is removed. Thus hints won’t stay in a wiki’s attention for too long. On hints changes you see the changes of the wikis given a hint to merged.


There are rss-feeds for all wiki-net pages. These feeds new entries add on the top. There is an rss-feed for a wiki’s selection of neighbors (its wiki-net) called wiki-net feed. See [[what_determines_our_wiki-net?]].

wiki-net server

The wiki-net feed is machine readable (machine code block). Using a cron-job wikis connect to a (contemporarily only imagined) wiki-net server like once a day. The wiki delivers the information about its current selection of neighbor to the wiki-net server and receives information about what other wikis currently have it in their selection. That makes it possible to show on a page “who is watching us?” which other wikis currently have the “watched” wiki in their focus (that is in their wiki-net). “Feeling somebody’s gaze on your skin”. Showing who watches you creates a further interactive node, people will take a look at the watching wiki, interaction gets more likely. We currently simulate a wiki-net server by manually adding watching wikis to the face and the changes.

earlier attempt to say what the wiki-net is:
The wiki-net is the sum of all wikis connected by using a wiki-node.

There are many wikis. The wiki-net strives to be close to wikilandia, the sum of all wikis.

Each wiki has its own wiki-net. It defines it on a page called wiki-net. This definition is dynamic, everybody can change it. So wiki-communities have to and will come to agreements. The current selection is called “our wiki-net”. Our wiki-net is the tiny little part of the big wiki-net the respective community knows and interacts with. All the little wiki-nets together make the big one. Simple.

The wiki-node lists the neighbors of a wiki. The community selects the most interesting ones of tem - the favorite neighbors - and puts them on its wiki-net. The talk about the selection goes on on wiki-net / talk, the result of the selection goes to wiki-net.

On wiki-net changes you see the recent changes of a wiki merged with the recent changes of the wiki’s favorite neighbors according to the selection on wiki-net).

The blog-pages show the recent entries on the common blog of a wiki. The blog is attached at the end of the wiki’s home-page. The blog is the face of a wiki to the public. It shows what is currently up on a wiki.

On wiki-net blogs you see the blog-pages of a wiki merged with the recent blog entries of the wiki’s favorite neighbors according to the selection on wiki-net.

Which of the neighbors on the wiki-node are the favorite neighbors?

Talk about it on wiki-net / talk, select the most interesting neighbors and transclude

Including and transcluding all neighbors that are on the wiki-node doesn’t make sense, as they are too many. The wiki-node lists potential candidates for favorite neighbors and is a pre-selection. Select from these. Be dynamic. Keep the community’s “wide angle view”, this wiki-net fish-eye view interesting.

You could even vote or whatever. … ;)

There are no predefinitions about how to select neighbors or how many neighbors should be on the wiki-node or on the wiki-net page. Wiki-communities find out by themselves.

There are recommendations.

For the different feeds we use the wiki-net icons.

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