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  • 21:34 UTC 19-26 February 2019 \\// \\// Vents & Victories Thread

    Welcome to the Weekly thread!

    If you are new to r/CPTSD, thanks for dropping by. Please check out the rules below and, for our mobile users who can't access the sidebar, more resources are located below the rules. These can also be accessed from the auto mod message that greets your posts.

    Keep the rules in mind when you post & comment:

    1. Don’t be a jerk
    2. Don’t ask for diagnosis, don’t diagnose others: Respect that you may not have all of OPs details and even a trained, trauma informed care provider cannot diagnose over the internet. So don't. Assume the context of OP as a CPTSD survivor or supportive partner of a CPTSD survivor.
    3. No hate speech
    4. Use NSFW or a Trigger Warning when applicable
    5. No RaisedByNarcissists lingo: A lot of folks come from the RBN support community. A lot of us do not. To keep the sub inclusive to CPTSD newcomers and survivors of different backgrounds, use common language synonyms for RBN acronyms
    6. All content must be CPTSD related: Our lives, our struggles, and our victories with CPTSD
    7. No Self-Promotion: Don't sell stuff or recruit for studies and projects on this thread. Except muppets. Mods love pictures of muppets, selling or promoting stuff. Who doesn't?

    Additional Newcomer Resources

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  • 21:15 UTC Neurogenesis cocktail\regimen

    Can you guys review this? I am planning on taking everything on here and I already bought everything expect Cerebrolysin which is super expensive.

    Regeneration and Growth:

    This is going to be vital. I want my full brain back and running perfectly. Not only that but I wan't a better brain. In order to do we need neurogenesis. However, depending your age, neurogenesis largely ceases in adulthood. It has been observed in a few places, including the olfactory bulb and hippocampus. Therefor you only see drugs that only target those areas for a reason. The hippocampus plays an important role in the nervous system and is a control center for emotion, memory, and spatial navigation. The hippocampus also plays a big role in episodic and relational memory. The olfactory bulb is critical for detecting and distinguishing smells.Upon injury in the non-neurogenic regions, there have been reports of local precursor cells generating new neurons, migrating from the neurogenic to the non-neurogenic region.This has been shown to occur in the neocortex (R), hippocampus as a result of ischemic brain injury (R), and the striatum from adult rats with stroke-induced brain injury (R).If this is true it shows promise for individuals suffering any kind of brain damage or injury. And it’s reasonable to suspect this process can be augmented by supplements, drugs and lifestyle.Neurotrophins are a subtype of growth factor proteins that help to promote the survival of neurons.(R)Growth factor proteins are what signal particular cells to survive, differentiate, or grow. Neurotrophins include:

    • nerve growth factor (NGF)
    • brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)
    • glial cell line-derived trophic factor (GDNF)

    Our current methods to promote neurogenesis largely focus on modulating expression of BDNF, NGF, and GDNF.

    ** Buy everything in bulk, just buy the powder and encapsulate them! **

    Building Blocks Neurogenesis Stack
    Uridine Complex B vitamin with a high vitamin B3 - Raises NAD+ which will improve mitochondrial function
    Citicoline Pregenolone - Many benefits! Too complex to write-out, just look in Wikipedia
    Omega 3 with a high DHA


    Panax Ginseng-

    Gotu Kola -

    Apigenin -

    Chlorogenic Acid in Green Coffee Extract -

    Diet & Exercise:

    A keto diet is suggested all throughout. Also chronic exercise promotes neurogenesis. Think to yourself, how many times will you do this? Just once, make sure you do it right and exercise correctly. Once you have your brain at maximum, keep it at max levels by maintaining your health.

    I plan on chronic exercise for a variety of factors involved. It will promote this regimen

    Diet: Low Caloric (1,500), Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting

    You will eat all of your daily calories within a shortened period — typically 6 to 8 hours — and fast for the remaining 14 to 16 hours. Here is my rough eating schedule: You will be miserable for the first few weeks then you will get used to it. It will be worth it, great benefits.

    Schedule Meals
    6:00am - 1:00pm Coffee
    1:00pm - 2:00pm 1.5k calories of a ketogenic meal - Meat, Broccoli, eggs, Avocado, Cheese
    2:00pm - 10:00pm Fasting

    I plan on just going to chiptole or flame broiler for the meals. Double meat, no rice, veggies and avocado(Only one entree). Two entrees at once, should meet my caloric goal and satisfy me for the rest of the criteria. I could rotate among chicken and steak for a variety.



    Neurogenesis Regime:

    Weeks 1-7: Weeks 8-12:
    Dihexa - 20mg/10 days - Synapse formation Dihexa - 20mg/10 days - Synapse formation
    NSI-189 - 40mg/day- Neurogenesis in the hippocampus region NSI-189 - Neurogenesis in the hippocampus region
    Cerebrolysin - 5.8% of neural stem cells survive after 6 months in healthy rats. However 15% of neural stem cells survive at 6 months when Cerebrolysin is used concurrently because it helps support the integration of the new neurons into the hippocampus. See reference below. Cerebrolysin - 5.8% of neural stem cells survive after 6 months in healthy rats. However 15% of neural stem cells survive at 6 months when Cerebrolysin is used concurrently because it helps support the integration of the new neurons into the hippocampus. See reference below.
    TB-500 - downregulates inhibitors of the PI3/Akt pathway. Which NSI-189 & dihexa are PI3/Akt enhancers. It will make these more potent. Pinealon - Activate Proliferative Processes

    Congratulations, you grew your hippocampus volume (Atleast 20%, most likely more) and overall improved your brain plasticity. At this point you are the healthiest you can be. You are the highest levels of a superhuman that your body can handle, aside from physically (Which Sarms and Steriods will obviously help). Regardless, you probably look great with all the exercise you had to put in. Maintain your mental and physical health.

    Mechanism of Action:


    Angiostensin(causes vasoconstriction) IV agonist; cause massive synaptic formation\rejuvenation. Dihexa is an activator of a growth factor, hepatocyte growth factor, which is known to protect nerve cells from damage, stimulate new connections among nerve cells, and induce the production of new neurons form stem cells.

    Cerebrolysin - 5.8% of neural stem cells survive after 6 months in healthy rats. However 15% of neural stem cells survive at 6 months when Cerebrolysin is used concurrently because it helps support the integration of the new neurons into the hippocampus. See reference below.


    downregulates inhibitors of the PI3/Akt pathway. Which NSI-189 & dihexa are PI3/Akt enhancers. It will make these more potent. [R]

    NSI-189: A short treatment with daily injections of NSI-189 in AS mice reversed impairments in cognitive and motor functions, while it slightly enhanced performance of WT mice. The effects of NSI-189 on synaptic plasticity and cognitive functions were associated with activation of the TrkB and Akt pathways. These results suggest that NSI-189 could represent a potential treatment for AS patients. [R]

    PhosphatidylSerine: Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid (a fat molecule attached to a phosphate) and the main component of cell membranes.





    For a general overall understanding of brain development:

    Anecdotal Data(user reviews):



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  • 20:59 UTC Hadith of Aisha referred to as an young girl at 9.

    Going to quote and embolden only the relevant hadith here, with the full reference in another comment below.

    ...The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for 'Aisha at that time, as she was a little girl, not yet reached the age of puberty.) (Fateh-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13) Sahih Bukhari 8:73:151

    Fath al Bari is a most revered tafsir/commentary of Bukhari and establishes that playing with dolls is forbidden for those who are little girls, not yet reached the age of puberty.

    Aisha taking her dolls with her to Muhammads house, as a bride, aged nine, with Fath al Bari said would be forbidden if she were not a little girl, not yet reached age of puberty.

    ...(s)he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old. Sahih Muslim 8:3311

    Aisha playing on a swing, with her mother washing her face/head, at the age of nine.

    .... while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became Allright, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. ........... at that time I was a girl of nine years of age. Sahih Bukhari 5:58:234

    Aisha as the wife of Muhammad, referred to as a young girl, referring to herself as a small girl.

    ..... 'A'isha, the wife of Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him)....... . . ..... I have seen nothing objectionable in her but only this much that she is a young girl and .....I should say to Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him). I was a small girl at that time and I had not read much of the Qur'an.... Sahih Muslim 37:6673

    Aisha as the wife of Muhammad, same story as above, referred to as a young girl, with the authors notes calling her too simple minded....

    .....Buraira said, "I cannot accuse her of any defect except that she is still a young girl who sleeps, neglecting her family's dough which the domestic goats come to eat (i.e. she was too simpleminded to deceive her husband)." ......" Sahih Bukhari 3:48:805

    Tabari account of her mother made her sit in his lap, before she is sent off to marry Muhammad.

    > ....... I was then brought [in] while the Messenger of God was sitting on a bed in our house. [My mother] made me sit on his lap and said, "These are your relatives. May God bless you with them and bless them with you!".... Al-Tabari, Vol. 9, pp. 130

    Ibn Ishaq account her referring to her extreme youth at 18 or so when Muhammad died.

    ibn Ishaq has this of Aisha... Yahya b. Abbad b. Abdullah b. al-Zubayr from his father told me that he heard Aisha say: "The apostle died in my bosom during my turn: I had wronged none in regard to him. It was due to my ignorance and extreme youth that the apostle died in my arms.

    submitted by /u/sahih_bukkake to r/exmuslim
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  • 20:02 UTC Considering move from Ontario to Alberta

    I did check the wiki first for some advice, but the two posts in it are 7 years old, and one has been deleted by the OP.

    I’m a 28 year old non-binary single parent to two special needs kids. My 11 y/o has ADHD, ODD, and separation anxiety. My 8 y/o has ADHD, a developmental delay of 2.5 years, and potential diagnosis of autism that we’re in the midst of testing for. I personally have manic depression with panic attacks, anxiety, and mild PTSD.

    In case it’s relevant, in November of 2010, I fled an abusive relationship so we’re all survivors of domestic violence.

    There’s a couple things I’m curious about, and most of the things on the internet have older information, so I’m not sure if it’s reliable.

    1. Housing costs. My credit is still recovering from the above relationship, so buying a house is out of my cards for many years to come. In general terms, what would I be looking a for a 3 bedroom apartment/house monthly? Do rental properties tend to be inclusive, or are heat and hydro extra?

    2. Mental health supports. As noted above, my kids are special needs (particularly my 8 year old), and I also have mental health issues that require care. Is it like Ontario with ridiculous wait times for provincially funded care, and over priced, unaffordable private care? What autism supports are available if we end up with that diagnosis?

    3. I drive and have a vehicle. Typically what would insurance costs look like for a sedan?

    4. I have been single since the separation from my ex. Is there an LGBTQ community? As a non-binary person it can be exhausting explaining my identity over and over again.

    5. I live about 45 minutes north of Toronto, on the edge of Lake Simcoe. In the ‘burbs, I suppose. Weather wise, what am I looking at? It’s cold, it snows, and the days are quite short in winter - is what I’ve gotten so far. How are the summers?

    6. I’m currently in school to become a Paralegal (diploma). Based on what the net says, there’s no licensing body that oversees Paralegals in Alberta. In that case, would it make any difference on my resume for employers to see that I’m licensed in Ontario? Or does it not matter?

    Any other tips or advice are welcomed. This is just something I’ve started to think about and I like hearing from folks as opposed to articles on the internet!

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  • 18:54 UTC IEM Katowice Major 2019: New Legends Stage

    If you can read this, you have our stylesheet disabled. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please re-enable our stylesheet, as we have spoiler-specific rules in our stylesheet. Thanks!

    Legends Stage, Day 1, Wednesday - February 20th

    • Round 1
    # Map Team 1 vs. Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Discussion
    AH N/A ENCE vs RNG Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AI N/A BIG vs VIT Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AJ N/A NaVi vs G2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AK N/A FaZe vs HR Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AL N/A NRG vs NiP Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AM N/A TL vs AVNGR Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AN N/A MIBR vs C9 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AO N/A AST vs coL Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    • Round 2
    # Map Team 1 vs. Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Discussion
    AP N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AQ N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AR N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AS N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AT N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AU N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AV N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
    AW N/A Team 1 vs Team 2 Twitch YouTube Highlights HLTV Spoilers!
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  • 18:52 UTC MDL Macau 2019

    If you can read this, you have our stylesheet disabled. If you do not wish to be spoiled, please re-enable our stylesheet, as we have spoiler-specific rules in our stylesheet. Thanks!

    Group Stage, Day 1, Wednesday - February 20th

    # Team 1 vs. Team 2 Twitch YouTube YouTube Highlights DotaBuff
    A VG vs VP Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    B iG vs Liquid Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    C EG vs VP Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    D Newbee vs RNG Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    E EHOME vs Liquid Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    F iG vs VG Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    G EG vs Newbee Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    H VP vs RNG Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    I RNG vs Liquid Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    J iG vs EHOME Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    K EHOME vs Newbee Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    L EG vs VG Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    M EHOME vs VG Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
    N EG vs RNG Draft Draft Game Start Highlights DotaBuff
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  • 18:30 UTC Weekly Noob Question Thread #3 - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Welcome to the weekly noob Q&A thread! A place for new players to ask any questions about Auto Chess.

    Please make sure to sort by new if you'd like to answer questions, and upvote those who answer your questions to push the most helpful answers to the top.

    Useful Information/Links:

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  • 17:59 UTC Personal resources list for learning the language

    Getting started with learning Hebrew and finding good resources proved to be a serious time sink for me. Seeing that the sidebar is… thin on the issue and the age of previous lists, I figured it might be useful to write down what I have ended up with (either using it myself or as notable examples).



    • Coffin, Bolozky: A Reference Grammar of Modern Hebrew (2005)
    • Glinert: Modern Hebrew – An Essential Grammar (4th ed, 2015)
    • Glinert: The Grammar of Modern Hebrew (2004)
    • Krohn: Reading Academic Hebrew (2011)

    Verbs & Phrases

    • Bolozky: 501 Hebrew Verbs (2007, 2nd ed)

    Conjugations, derived nouns, example sentences for an actual total of 1580 verbs (to 565 roots).

    • Elihai: Living Hebrew (1993, 2008)

    Lots of example sentences & phrases to 490 verbs.

    • Rut Avni: Modern Hebrew Verbs Step By Step (2015)

    Walks through the binyanim and their exceptions. Split into Textbook and optional Workbook; also available as French, German & Spanish editions.

    Courses (best with a teacher)

    • Hebrew from Scratch (New ed., 2007)

    Split into Vol. 1/א & Vol. 2/בּ. Vol. 1 has a religious ed. from 2008 with "newly revised texts & illustrations" but also "Strict compliance with the values of modesty [etc etc]". Each has additional audio versions & teacher's supplements.

    • Etzion: The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew (2009)
    • Lyttleton, Wang: Colloquial Hebrew (2003) [with audio online]
    • German: Raveh-Klemke: Ivrit bekef (5te Auflage, 2014)


    • Even-Shoshan Dictionary

    Monolingual, probably the most extensive printed dictionary.

    • Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary

    Eng→Heb only, but with multiple translations for an English word's distinct meanings & idiomatic uses

    • Oxford English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary

    Electronic Dictionaries

    Most mature dictionary lookup program (on- & offline ones), works with any windowed program. Alas, as far as offline Hebrew ones are concerned afaik only the Babylon ones are available (without nikkud or morphology support).

    By the Academy of the Hebrew Language, good for collocations. Ingenious: Search cannot deal with nikkud.

    As the title suggests, a monolingual dictionary for Hebrew abbreviations.

    Polished online version of Ernest Klein's 1987 Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language, offered by Sefaria (see below).

    Monolingual, good for explanations and inflections. Also with TTS for some words.

    More geared towards the Hebrew native looking up English. Has an Android app and a 3rd party tooltip extension for Chrome.

    Not a general dictionary, instead features eg. verb conjugation, words grouped by root, and detailed articles on certain topics.

    Probably most extensive & feature rich dictionary there is, unfortunately also quite expensive.

    Not a general dictionary either, instead based on a big-data approach that draws on various corpora (such as subtitles, program translations, …) to eg. present words in context (and no real guarantee for correctness). Also features eg. a synonym search and verb conjugation.

    Similar: Glosbe

    Its Heb↔Eng is somewhat hit-and-miss.

    See also HebrewPod101 below.



    • Anki

    Most popular spaced-repetition software. Cards are user-contributed (with all the pros and cons) as decks, eg. freely available on its Hebrew deck site.

    Example: Duolingo + Hebrew from Scratch Alef & Beit + Top 2000 deck (disclosure: mine).

    Free for desktop computers and Android (albeit as independent project), paid on iOS.

    Bilingual books, articles etc. in audio & text. Starter ones are free.

    Language exchange app (ie. find & IM your penpals).

    Text processing

    Note: I use Linux, where installing the following from source is essentially a one-line task. Compared to this, doing so can be non-trivial on vanilla Mac and extremely cumbersome on Windows.

    Probably most advanced suite for (largely) automatic post-processing (ie. clean-up) of scans.

    Allows OCRing a PDF (such as one produced from ScanTailor's output) with a single command. Relies on TesserAct for the actual OCR phase: one should have its current version and the "best" edition (→ slower) of its Hebrew models installed. From my experience (with clean scans of printed material), OCRing non-nikkud Hebrew works rather flawlessly (line breaks and the apparently dreaded ץ aside), whereas text with nikkud is a gamble, as is multi-lingual OCR. Note that some PDF viewers have issue properly copying the resulting text, I found only the one one integrated in Chrome to work reliably.

    • QHOCR (Linux, Windows, Mac)

    Considerably better for OCRing nikkud, still bad though. GUI also works only on single images rather than entire PDFs. For a GUI that instead interacts with TesserAct: OCRFeeder

    Online tool to semi-automatically add nikkud to unpointed text. Spelling ambiguities mean such text must be manually checked for errors. For a far more sophisticated but paid (₪400) offline solution see this Word extension. Other much simpler and older, free offline tools are listed on Open Siddur's link list (see below).


    Paid language courses

    With free content, such as the dictionary and Core 100 word list, which neatly offers spoken sentences (& sometimes a picture) for each piece of vocab.

    Free lessons

    Rich assortment of free language lessons – audio, text, video – by the DLI (part of the US DoD)

    Audio & text of US Foreign Service Institute's 1965 Basic Hebrew course.

    The site features many other resources & links (incl. a free vocab trainer), but it's obvious that it hasn't been updated in years.

    Basic 101 course, but development ceased years ago.


    User requested & contributed pronunciations. Free account lets you request & manually download, paid one gives access to an API to do everything with programs supporting it (like GoldenDict).

    Volunteer project producing audiobooks for public domain works.

    Podcast with 200+ episodes, each accompanied by a Hebrew transcript.

    TLV1's English-Hebrew podcast "showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang", accompanied by eg. video links and lists with words & expressions.


    Essentially Project Gutenberg for Hebrew texts.

    Contains a number of digitized books, such as Hebrew children's books (→ simple language)

    Large selection of songs, transliterated and translated.

    Offers eg. annotated texts & guided courses, open for contributions.

    Wealth of poems, some (not all) with audio and various translations.

    Neat library of bilingual Jewish texts from all ages, some eg. with audio, or the Tanakh with built-in lexicon.

    Issues of the easy Hebrew newspaper from 2005-12 (publication ceased), most accompanied by audio.

    Various graded user-contributed texts, eg. fiction, songs on Youtube (some with timed lyrics), news articles.

    With tooltip translations of words of compound phrases (limited in free mode) that also works off-site via its web reader Chrome extension.


    List of eight Israeli TV shows with English subtitles. To access the article, search for the entire URL on Google, click on the small downward triangle on its result and there on "Cached". Actually finding the series however is a different task.

    Fairly unique with its TTS for arbitrary Hebrew input.

    Language Q&A (Hebrew only)

    Israel's official language regulator, with an informative Q&A section such as for pronunciation issues.

    Lots of Q&A, eg. nuances of semantically similar words.

    Ebook shops

    Other link lists

    Links sorted to all kinds of topics. Also some original content, such as Hebrew songs with bilingual lyrics.

    Eg. with some more dictionaries, such as ones for German & French.

    While its main purpose is to share Jewish texts – mostly bilingual liturgy – its Help section also contains all kinds of hints & resources for dealing with the language on the PC, eg:

    • typing with nikkud, note: On Linux there's no need to switch to biblical for nikkud, the standard layout already has them via AltGr, the lyx variant via Shift.
    • link list, eg. numerous further liturgy & software resources
    • free fonts, including cursive ones. More eg. at Oketz

    Hope somebody actually finds this list useful…

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  • 17:56 UTC [Tuesday, February 19 2019] Sea Turtle Populations Soared by 980% After Legal Protections; 136 people dead, 8,400 others sick in Philippines measles outbreak; Great white shark entire genome decoded, revealing sequence adaptations to wound healing and genome stability genes tied to cancer protection




    • /u/ekser

      Analysing data about cannabis use among more than 100,000 teenagers in 38 countries, including the UK, US, Russia, France, Germany and Canada, the University of Kent study found no association between more liberal policies on cannabis use and higher rates of teenage cannabis use.

      Comments || Link

    • /u/mvea

      [Title Post] Great white shark entire genome now decoded, with the huge genome revealing sequence adaptations to key wound healing and genome stability genes tied to cancer protection, that could be behind the evolutionary success of long-lived sharks.

      Comments || Link


    • /u/clayt6

      Tonight, a passing asteroid will briefly blot out the sky's brightest star, Sirius (the Dog Star). The event, which occurs around 12:30 a.m. EST on the 19th, can be seen along a narrow path that crosses southern Argentina, southern Chile, Panama, and the Caribbean.

      Comments || Link

    • /u/Leo3816

      On this day, 546 years ago, Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the most important astronomers of all time and the man, who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the univere, was born

      Comments || Link


    • /u/chartr

      Just over 5 weeks until Brexit. A quick reminder of how that fateful referendum result came to be. [OC]

      Comments || Link


    • /u/Wagamaga

      Amazon has announced Shipment Zero, a new project that aims to make half of the company’s shipments net zero carbon by 2030.

      Comments || Link





    • /u/austinlovespie

      Both Philadelphia and Boston appear to be much more historically significant than NYC and, in 1776, Philly was the nation's most populated by a significant margin at 40,000 people (NYC at 25,000). What led to NYC becoming America's quintessential city over places like Philly or Boston?



    • /u/GunnerJM

      What's a non-sexual moment equivalent of an orgasm?


    • /u/aab1020

      We are now less than 45 days from April Fool's Day. What 'long con' pranks should be started around now?



    • /u/unclezesty

      TIL That for almost 300 years, the office of the pope was almost certainly a death sentence. 28 of the first 31 consecutive popes were violently murdered.

      Comments || Link

    • /u/video-kid

      TIL that one review of Thinner, written by Stephen King under a pseudonym, was described by one reviewer as "What Stephen King would write if Stephen King could write"

      Comments || Link

    • /u/yourSAS

      TIL that a Polish environmental charity put a SIM card in a GPS tracker to follow the migratory pattern of a white stork. They lost track of the stork and later received a phone bill for $2,700; someone in Sudan had taken the SIM from the tracker and made over 20 hours of calls.

      Comments || Link


    • /u/TwoMeatOneChee

      ELI5: when doctors declare that someone “died instantly” or “died on impact” in a car crash, how is that determined and what exactly is the mechanism of death?










    • /u/WilliamHarry

      Today I received a copy of the book I did all of the interior art for and it’s the first time my work has been actually published. Feels good!

      Comments || Link









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    Everyday we’ll feature a selected small subreddit and its top content. It's a fun way to include and celebrate smaller subreddits.

    Today's subreddit is...


    Its top 3 all time posts

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  • 16:56 UTC Match Thread: Independiente de la Chorrera vs Toronto FC [CONCACAF Champions League]

    FT: Independiente de la Chorrera 4-0 Toronto FC

    1st Leg

    Independiente de la Chorrera scorers: Abdiel Ayarza (9'), Omar Browne (48'), Romeesh Ivey (52', 78')

    Venue: Estadio Agustín "Muquita" Sánchez

    Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


    Independiente de la Chorrera

    José Carlos Guerra, Manuel Torres, Gerardo Negrete, Francisco Vence, Omar Cordoba, Gustavo Bolívar, Abdiel Ayarza, Romeesh Ivey, Omar Browne (Frank Piedrahita), Jorman Aguilar (Ruben Barrow), Juan González (Vito Bellino).

    Subs: Eddie Roberts, Alexander Navarro, Alexis Corpas, Porfirio Ávila.


    Toronto FC

    Alex Bono, Chris Mavinga, Laurent Ciman, Ashtone Morgan (Jacob Shaffelburg), Auro, Michael Bradley, Jonathan Osorio, Marco Delgado, Terrance Boyd (Ayo Akinola), Justin Morrow, Griffin Dorsey (Jay Chapman).

    Subs: Caleb Patterson-Sewell, Tsubasa Endoh, Dante Campbell, Liam Fraser.


    6' Juan González (Independiente La Chorrera) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    9' Goal! Independiente La Chorrera 1, Toronto FC 0. Abdiel Ayarza (Independiente La Chorrera) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Romeesh Ivey following a set piece situation.

    15' Chris Mavinga (Toronto FC) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    31' Gerardo Negrete (Independiente La Chorrera) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    32' Penalty missed! Bad penalty by Terrence Boyd (Toronto FC) right footed shot is too high. Terrence Boyd should be disappointed.

    48' Goal! Independiente La Chorrera 2, Toronto FC 0. Omar Browne (Independiente La Chorrera) left footed shot from outside the box to the high centre of the goal. Assisted by Jorman Aguilar.

    49' Omar Browne (Independiente La Chorrera) is shown the yellow card for excessive celebration.

    52' Goal! Independiente La Chorrera 3, Toronto FC 0. Romeesh Ivey (Independiente La Chorrera) right footed shot from the right side of the box to the bottom right corner.

    57' Substitution, Toronto FC. Jacob Shaffelburg replaces Ashtone Morgan.

    57' Substitution, Toronto FC. Ayo Akinola replaces Terrence Boyd.

    59' Substitution, Independiente La Chorrera. Rubén Barrow replaces Jorman Aguilar because of an injury.

    66' Abdiel Ayarza (Independiente La Chorrera) is shown the yellow card.

    71' Griffin Dorsey (Toronto FC) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    77' Substitution, Toronto FC. Jay Chapman replaces Griffin Dorsey.

    78' Goal! Independiente La Chorrera 4, Toronto FC 0. Romeesh Ivey (Independiente La Chorrera) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Juan González.

    79' Romeesh Ivey (Independiente La Chorrera) is shown the yellow card for excessive celebration.

    81' Substitution, Independiente La Chorrera. Frank Piedrahita replaces Omar Browne.

    85' Substitution, Independiente La Chorrera. Vito Bellino replaces Juan González.

    87' Rubén Barrow (Independiente La Chorrera) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

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  • 16:55 UTC Match Thread: Saprissa vs U.A.N.L [CONCACAF Champions League]

    FT: Saprissa 1-0 U.A.N.L

    1st Leg

    Saprissa scorers: Johan Venegas (73')

    Venue: Estadio Ricardo Saprissa

    Auto-refreshing reddit comments link



    Aaron Cruz, Michael Barrantes, Aubrey David, Luis Hernández, Ricardo Blanco Mora, Marvin Angulo (Alejandro Cabral), Juan Golobio, Mariano Torres, Román Castillo (Randall Leal), Johan Venegas (John Jairo Ruiz), Christian Bolaños.

    Subs: Juan Guzmán, Jairo Arrieta, Heiner Mora, Alejandro Gómez.



    Nahuel Guzmán, Francisco Meza, Hugo Ayala, Jorge Torres, Israel Jiménez, Eduardo Vargas, Rafael Carioca, Jesús Dueñas, Enner Valencia, Javier Aquino, Julian Quiñones (Luis Quiñónes).

    Subs: Eduardo Fernandez, Luis Rodríguez, Carlos Salcedo, Francisco Venegas, Raúl Torres, Juan Sánchez.


    23' Jesús Dueñas (Tigres) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    44' Aubrey David (Saprissa) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    63' Mariano Torres (Saprissa) is shown the yellow card.

    67' Substitution, Saprissa. Rándall Leal replaces Rubilio Castillo.

    72' Substitution, Tigres. Luis Quiñones replaces Julián Quiñones.

    73' Goal! Saprissa 1, Tigres 0. Johan Venegas (Saprissa) header from the centre of the box to the top left corner. Assisted by Mariano Torres with a cross following a corner.

    81' Substitution, Saprissa. John Jairo Ruiz replaces Johan Venegas.

    85' Substitution, Saprissa. Alejandro Cabral replaces Marvin Angulo.

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  • 16:54 UTC Domestic na Kanojo - Chapter 220 Discussion Thread

    Domestic na Kanojo - Chapter 220

    Alternative names: Domestic Girlfriend, Dome x Kano

    You can read the manga at Crunchyroll here!

    Manga information:

    You can visit us on Discord and discuss here too!

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  • 16:45 UTC [TECH] Naval Upgrades XVI | jk it's the Type 055C Destroyer, and it's meant to push to the Second Island Chain. 中国加油!

    The commissioning of CV22 Chen Qimei 陳其美 in 2038, combined with the introduction of the AI-equipped J-31H/D later this year, means that the time has come to introduce yet another update to the Type 055 series of "heavy" destroyers.

    Intended to act as floating command centres and network hubs for Chinese naval task forces, the Type 055C will leverage state-of-the-art technologies intended to provide the Chinese People's Revolutionary Army Navy with a modern flagship and heavy surface combatant that can effectively serve past the mid-century mark. General upgrades and refinements will be made to maturing technologies, most notably the CO2 turbine generators used to power the vessel, as well as improving the capability of naval railguns to provide wide-area air defence alongside the warship's complement of missiles.

    The Type 055C also serves as a testbed for modern combat artificial intelligence developed by Tencent and DJI; where the Xiaogui onboard the J-31D and J-31H/D acts as an electronic warfare officer, the Axiuluo "Asura" AI here will work to optimize the lethality of the vessel. The onboard AI will also provide information flows and guidance to other CPRAN vessels within the task force's network, thus enhancing the survivability and flexibility of the Chinese People's Revolutionary Army Navy.

    Shenzhen Intelligence's H/LZLD-001A will be the first combat implementation of the long-developed quantum radar platform, intended to serve as a long-range anti-stealth and anti-missile search and tracking radar. Through the use of a microwave signal beam entangled with an optical lidler beam, the H/LZLD-001 will be able to detect high-flying stealthy aircraft and missiles up to the stratosphere and beyond - although its effectiveness may be limited by adverse weather due to a reliance on optical beams.

    In essence, the Type 055C shall be the vanguard for the Chinese People's Revolutionary Army Navy to defend China's interests and partners the world over. Within the scope of the Federal Republic of China's oceanic policy, the Type 055C will enable Chinese task forces to operate with impunity up to the Second Island Chain and beyond in a high-tech, high-intensity conventional conflict.

    Type 055C Destroyer

    General Characteristics

    • Displacement: 16,500 t
    • Length: 185 m
    • Beam: 20.2 m
    • Draught: 7.2 m
    • Installed power: 4x Guizhou Turbines QD-210 CO2 turbine generators 38MW each
    • Propulsion: integrated full electric propulsion 4x QE-280 electric motors 28MW each
    • Speed: 30+ knots
    • Range: 10,500 nmi
    • Complement: 240

    Sensors & Processing Systems:

    • Tencent/DJI Axiuluo "Asura" AI combat management system
      • Rudimentary solid-state artificial intelligence optimised for anti-air and anti-submarine warfare, while also automating various ship systems and enhancing ECM and EW capabilities. Capable of networking with other CPRA AIs and information systems and acting as a command node.
    • JSIDLS (Joint Service Integrated Data Link System)
    • H/LJG-346F C/S-band multifunction phased array radar
      • Derivative of Type 346D, increased number of T/R modules & increased range, liquid cooling & module size reduced by 15% with same efficiency for greater accuracy
    • Type 519C VHF/UHF/L-band remote search radar
      • Upgrade of Type 519 UHF/VHF/L-band remote search radar, provides improved performance against stealth aircraft and missiles
    • Shenzhen Intelligence H/LZLD-001A quantum air search/tracking radar
      • Operates through the use of a microwave signal beam entangled with an optical lidler beam. Excellent performance against stealth aircraft up to a range of 200 km on a surface platform.
    • Type 365D single-sided X-band rotating phased array radar
      • replaces Type 364B, provides increased range against small RCS and improved tracking capacity >100pcs
    • Type 366D OTH surface search & targeting radar
      • Upgrade of 366B, provides tracking & targeting against sea-skimming AShMs with RCS <0.05m2 at up to 100km
    • Type 349 CIWS fire control radar
    • Type 344D phased array fire control radar
      • Replaces Type 344C, provides updated tracking for HVP from main gun against both surface and fast-moving airborne targets up to Mach 3.0
    • H/SJD-9B hull-mounted active/passive sonar
    • H/SJG-206B towed array sonar
    • ESS-2 variable depth sonar

    Electronic Warfare & Decoys

    • Tencent countermeasures & defensive aids suite
    • Shenzhen Intelligence EW/ECM suite
    • 5x 18-tube decoy rocket launcher


    • 1x H/DGP-03 80MJ electromagnetic railgun
      • Can fire a 10kg projectile up to 280 kilometres away every 6 seconds
    • 1x H/DGP-04 8MJ electromagnetic railgun
      • Optimised for point defence, can fire a 3kg projectile up to 100 kilometres away every 2 seconds
    • 128-cell universal VLS, 64-cell fore & aft for…
      • YJ-18 AShM
      • YJ-100 LRAShM
      • YJ-44 AShM/SLCM dual-packed
      • Yu-8 ASROC
      • HQ-26 ABM
      • HHQ-9A LRSAM
      • HQ-20 MRSAM quad-packed
    • 8x YJ-12A AShM in canisters
    • 3x 30mm RCWS
    • 2x Type 1130 CIWS
    • 4x H/JG-03 300kW FEL
    • 2x HHQ -10 SR-SAM in 24-cell launcher
    • 6x 324mm torpedo tubes for Yu-11 lightweight torpedo

    Aviation Facilities & Aircraft Carried

    • 2x Z-20 ASW helicopter
    • 4x CH-803 URAV or equivalent catapult-launched net/parachute-recovered

    Development & Costs

    • Development time: 36 months
    • Development costs: $5.5 billion
    • Cost-per-vessel: $2.3 billion
    • Project cost: $23.9 billion

    A total of 8 Type 055C destroyers have been planned, with construction taking place simultaneously at Jiangnan Changxing (JNCX) and Guangzhou Huangpu (GZHP).

    Jiangnan Changxing

    Ship Laid Down Launch Date Commissioned
    117 February 2037 October 2039 October 2040
    118 September 2038 March 2040 March 2042
    119 April 2039 December 2041 December 2042
    120 October 2039 April 2041 April 2043

    Guangzhou Huangpu

    Ship Laid Down Launch Date Commissioned
    121 July 2037 January 2039 January 2041
    122 January 2038 July 2039 July 2041
    123 July 2038 January 2040 January 2042
    124 January 2039 July 2041 July 2043


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  • 16:36 UTC [A3][Recruiting] - COALITION - Relaxed, But Structured Milsim


    Coalition is a semi-realistic gaming community founded in ArmA3. We represent a coalition of modders, former/active military members, and community developers who strive to foster a bi-weekly session environment that promotes teamwork, realistic scenarios, and ultimately: fun. While we mostly play military simulation scenarios in ArmA, we don't include game-changing ranks or unnecessary rules that tend to plague so many other ArmA communities. After all, if you're not enjoying your experience, what's the point?

    Session Times:

    • Wednesday at 1900CST (UTC-6)

    • Saturday at 1500CST (UTC-6) Saturdays have a TvT focus, and other communities are welcome as well!

    What we provide:

    A close knit and helpful member base.

    A member-maintained wiki with details about our modpack, tactics, and mission making.

    30-50 player sessions every Wednesday and Saturday

    A streamlined and easy to use mission making framework for slotting and setting consistency across most missions. This also allows easy access for new people to get into mission making if they wish to do so!

    A structured and organized ArmA experience coupled with an in-depth modpack that allows for mission scenarios spanning many time periods. Outside of ArmA, you'll always be able to find members to play a plethora of other games with as well as community-only tournaments and contests hosted in various gaming mediums. Impromptu sessions happen regularly, so don't fret if you miss an official session. We also occasionally host optional training for people who wish to learn more about tactics or special assets like tanks or mortars.

    Here's a video of what our one TvTs looks like

    Here's a video of one of our COOPs

    And finally, here is a video of some highlights from 2017

    What we need:

    Dedicated adults who want realism and structure within ArmA without the internet push-ups that other groups attempt to put on you.



    Teamspeak and a Microphone

    Weekly activity on Teamspeak/Discord/Forums

    Ability to attend 4 out of every 8 sessions per month

    No DLC required. Though we do occasionally use Tanoa so Apex is highly recommended.

    For more information on our group, how/when we play, and how you can take part; Check out our website!

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  • 16:33 UTC [A3][Recruiting] - COALITION - Relaxed, But Structured Milsim


    Coalition is a semi-realistic gaming community founded in ArmA3. We represent a coalition of modders, former/active military members, and community developers who strive to foster a bi-weekly session environment that promotes teamwork, realistic scenarios, and ultimately: fun. While we mostly play military simulation scenarios in ArmA, we don't include game-changing ranks or unnecessary rules that tend to plague so many other ArmA communities. After all, if you're not enjoying your experience, what's the point?

    Session Times:

    • Wednesday at 1900CST (UTC-6)

    • Saturday at 1500CST (UTC-6) Saturdays have a TvT focus, and other communities are welcome as well!

    What we provide:

    A close knit and helpful member base.

    A member-maintained wiki with details about our modpack, tactics, and mission making.

    30-50 player sessions every Wednesday and Saturday

    A streamlined and easy to use mission making framework for slotting and setting consistency across most missions. This also allows easy access for new people to get into mission making if they wish to do so!

    A structured and organized ArmA experience coupled with an in-depth modpack that allows for mission scenarios spanning many time periods. Outside of ArmA, you'll always be able to find members to play a plethora of other games with as well as community-only tournaments and contests hosted in various gaming mediums. Impromptu sessions happen regularly, so don't fret if you miss an official session. We also occasionally host optional training for people who wish to learn more about tactics or special assets like tanks or mortars.

    Here's a video of what our one TvTs looks like

    Here's a video of one of our COOPs

    And finally, here is a video of some highlights from 2017

    What we need:

    Dedicated adults who want realism and structure within ArmA without the internet push-ups that other groups attempt to put on you.



    Teamspeak and a Microphone

    Weekly activity on Teamspeak/Discord/Forums

    Ability to attend 4 out of every 8 sessions per month

    No DLC required. Though we do occasionally use Tanoa so Apex is highly recommended.

    For more information on our group, how/when we play, and how you can take part; Check out our website!

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  • 16:00 UTC Custom Gamemode stuff is driving me up the wall.

    So, Team Fortress 2 has arena mode. In this mode you get one spawn and the goal is to wipe out the enemy team. Unlike other TF2 modes you die and stay dead. Its played on special versions king of the hill maps, (example arena_sawmill, instead of koth_sawmill) Usually there are no health-packs or just one small pack near or in a dangerous spot like a death pit. The center control point can be used to end stalemates after a few minutes. Many times you will have a spy cloaked in a corner hiding, not fun. Capturing the point wins the round for you instantly so its in your best interest to try and stop the enemy from doing so. For a few reasons this proved to be not super popular and was even removed from official servers. Community servers do keep the original alive as it wasn't really hated just not favorable and the maps can still be launched from the console.

    Inspired by this a few people made Arena: Respawn. ( Essentially this given certain conditions would bring back your team from the dead and with any luck the gamemode as well.

    The first version re-purposed the center control point to respawning your entire team thus extending the round. This was a great start but need more balance.

    The current rule-set we added small mini points around the map. to capture these you take the enemy intelligence (a CTF asset instead of flags we have a colored briefcase) and bring it to the point. This claims it for your team and now that it is active it will do the following: dispense health and ammo, and at set intervals respawn someone at that location. Points rotate around and trying to capture as many as you can is a good idea. You can also block the mini points from being captured by standing near one you own as it creates a shield that blocks capture. The Center point still respawns everyone at the normal spawn room and is always owned by the team with more players. This way its always available for capture. The large point remains neutral at the beginning of the round until a minute or two or until first blood. Matches are now played in a best of 5 rounds format.

    Anyways we have a server running the TF2 version here: we have a neato bot on discord that tells us when people are on it so ill be sure to jump on if people join in.

    Now then why have I outlined this custom game-mode from TF2? Because I would love to port it over to CS:GO. The plan is to start with just porting vanilla arena mode and go from there. Given some new assets brought in by danger zone I think this can be retooled to fit CS:GO really well. I think even base arena would be really fun for CS:GO players as they are used to per round deaths. A CS:GO version of some of these concepts has several ways of being implemented all of which I'd like to explain in more detail once I get some bare bones functionality working. I think this could turn into a really fun project for modders and mappers so any help is appreciated.

    I've been reading forums and the dev wiki all day and I'm really really lost. I discovered Philip's CP gamemode and I see what he has done with that mode as a start. The only problems I have with it is first off I have no clue how they work. Second they cap as soon as you touch them. TF2 points take a while to cap and can be contested as in both teams are on it and progress stops.

    Control points happen to be a crucial built into TF2 that CS:GO does not have thing that I need. The other is some sort of Flags. I thought I could use hostages but that isn't possible. Turns out only CT's can pick those guys up. It also just so happens the few existing CTF CS:GO plugins are super old and do not have live downloads anymore. So there is a lot more that I need to make myself.

    Beyond that when it comes to custom logic not even valve seems to know what they are doing. The CP_Dust2 example map from the sdk is broken and does not work. the flags that raise on the points raise and that's pretty cool but capturing the points does not result in a win. I'd love to borrow these flagpoles if i knew how to make them functional.

    So yeah not sure anyone on this sub knows anything helpful. I've been asking questions all over the net and still no answers. Id love to hear from Philip about how the CP's work.

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  • 15:25 UTC Exploring a list of potential exploits, abuses, or general 'bad form' use cases that adding a mount to WvW would introduce.


    First and foremost: This is a focus on the potential negatives of mounts in WvW. There are many positives where having a higher movement speed can benefit scouts and the casual player finishing his dailies faster or etc. They will not be brought up by me here.


    I also don't pretend to know all, I want this to be a collaborative and supporting effort in laying out the potential egregious flaws a WvW mount may have on the game. I encourage all to contribute to this think-tank type post and to correct me where I'm wrong or as new information is added.


    Anet, in their infinite wisdom, made this announcement without also releasing key details that would help us wrap our heads around how this new mount could be used in WvW. eg. will we use supply to deploy the mount? Is there a mount-up cool down? How large is the health pool? Will the Superior Rune of the Cavalier be nerfed in some way? Is there a map limit/area limit like there are with siege? etc. What we do know comes from a few quips from devs in various GW2 twitch chats post-announcement and a MMOGames article seen here. With that, we should take the modest approach of established mount mechanics when discussing the WvW mount.



    Emergency Waypoint (EWP) mechanics and mounts

    Currently, an EWP can be used exactly like a normal WP until its time of 60 seconds ends. If you take it while alive, you will spawn in as normal and are subject to damage and CC immediately (often times you will "load in" already downed or defeated if the enemy are spiking the area). If taken from a defeated state, you will spawn with a few frames of invuln, specifically the resurrection buff, which enables you to spam dodge to get to relative safety if an enemy team is spiking the EWP. With existing mount mechanics, as long as you are on the same map you can mount up and take that EWP and still be on your mount, essentially making you immune to CC upon entry.


    Where could this go wrong?

    If one were to spam the Evade ability as described in the aforementioned MMOGames article, you could then escape all damage and regroup quickly with your team, in theory. The evade ability is described in the article to grant you evade and a 'burst of speed'. We can safely assume it gives you Superspeed and some type of evade like you get with the Mirage dodge. It also specifically mentions using it within Stonemist Castle to get through the corridor unharmed, so we can get a rough idea of how long these buffs might last, which I'd say to be around 3-5 seconds.

    Arguably, you should not be pulling the EWP while the enemy is able to bomb tf out of it. It should be used while they're still at inner or when they are deep onto lord where they cannot readily get to the EWP's position to bomb it. So this isn't normal game play, which is to say you don't enter a map and take EWP's into enemy bombs on the regular. So is this something we should even be worried about? Is this a welcome change to spawning in dead, and taking it a second time? I defer to you.


    Mesmers and dismount mechanics

    From the video, the mount looks to elevate you as high if not a little higher than where the Jackal puts you. Coupled with being able to jump higher than normal while on a mount and dismount pushing you up a little bit, one could think of a few locations this could be used to portal allies past walls, like perhaps the NW outer wall of the Earth keep on the Red Boarderlands to name one, and I can speculate about several spots on Air keep where I can bypass a wall using the engage ability. Obviously this is exploitative behavior and may or may not warrant limited bans. But the question we need to ask is did Arena Net do their homework and hunt for places where this mount could do that and did they take steps to remove such locations? Can this mount even do something like this? Remains to be seen.


    Interaction with the Superior Rune of the Cavalier

    I don't think I need to point out the insane scenario of a 50 man zerg engaging at the same time and spiking something, with quickness no less. Weather they change this rune out right, tune its abilities down or even make the buffs happen on hit remains to be seen. Simply one of the many questions Anet let arise from their lack of clarification in today's announcement. There is also the quickness buff on dismount from the Desert-Spiced Coffee.


    Ignoring CC and in-combat movement speed reductions while mounted

    This seems like it would be a huge annoyance to anyone, from roamers to zergs. This partially depends on the health pool of the mount, yet problems can be compounded by the mount masteries that you achieve in PvE - if you're able to use them in WvW even, which is not clear yet. In large scale battles you can frequently get out of combat by not being on the front lines. I feel this would mess with the dynamics of battle in a negative way. Having people mount up mid fight here or there is just jarring and can give an unfair advantage, no matter if both sides can do it. More over, there are times where your entire zerg will not be in combat while squaring off with the enemy or pirate shipping a bit. Imagine your enemy all suddenly mounting and using that engage leap ability at the same time, with zero recourse other than pure damage to force a dismount before they close the gap on you. Maybe some of you like the strategy of this, after all it's (soon to be) apart of the game right? I'm not so sure here though, I don't see how anyone could have an adequate reaction time to lay AoE damage down, enough to dismount most of the enemy, or indeed time enough due to cast times and precast times and projectile travel time etc.


    Mount speed, its leap ability, and player replenishment mid battle

    Part of the thrill of taking a northern tower or north camp or any close tower even is knowing you did so so close to their spawn point. It's some small sense of pride and accomplishment being able to take an entrenched Sunny Hill while they are continuously respawning and gliding in, over and over. I feel the mount and specifically its engage ability will make this next to impossible now. From the video, the engage looks to be a significant leap forward. Mechanically, it may simply be drafted code from the Raptor dodge ability. One could easily spam this over and over (mounting, engaging, waiting the short mount cool down, and repeat) in order to get to your garri or that northern tower or north camp much faster than before. In north camps case, where the capture ring is enormous compared to a tower or keeps, I'd wager it would be impossible to take with enough dedicated defenders continuously respawning to contest it. For garri, an attacker would need a significantly bigger and more coordinated squad than the defenders. Mounts again would mess with the natural dynamics of battle, of taking garri or etc, the give and take, the natural risk vs reward that comes with attacking something so close to their spawn. You'd be going up stream without a paddle with how fast the defenders could get back to the battle. I do not like the thought of this. You could argue its simply added challenge and not mind this type of play. But I'd argue this is pushing it a little too far.



    That's all I have for now. Comment below with other areas of concern and I'll add it above or voice your opinion on why something is a non issue. Please try to keep this civil and be open minded about mounts. As stated, some of the points I raised may be of no concern, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't weigh the pros and cons in an open ended forum

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  • 15:12 UTC IP3 Timeline


    • Trump Team:

      • Michael Flynn, Trump's former National Security Advisor who has now pled guilty to lying to investigators and is cooperating with Mueller’s inquiry.
      • K.T. McFarland, Deputy National Security Advisor
      • Derek Harvey, Senior Director for Middle East and North African Affairs at the National Security Council and a top aide to Flynn
      • Tom Barrack, long-time personal friend of Trump and chairman of his inaugural committee
      • Rick Gates, Deputy Campaign Manager and Deputy Inaugural Committee Chairman for Trump, Barrack hired him to manage Colony NorthStar's DC operations. Gates has now pled guilty to financial fraud and lying to investigators, and is cooperating with Mueller’s inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election.
      • Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and Senior Advisor.
      • Alex Copson, former business colleague of Flynn who had been pitching a Middle East nuclear project from his company, ACU Strategic Partners
      • Thomas Bossert, White House Homeland Security Advisor
    • Saudis:

      • King Salman, regent
      • Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), crown prince
      • Khaled al-Falih, minister of energy and chairman of the state oil company
    • IP3 Executives:

      • Keith Alexander, co-founder and director IPR, founder and CEO of private cybersecurity company IronNet, first ever commander of the US Cyber Command and NSA director under W. Bush, retired four-star Army general.
      • Jack Keane, co-founder and director IP3, director General Dynamics, linked to Erik Prince's Academi (Blackwater), retired four-star Army general.
      • Bud McFarlane, a co-founder and director of IP3, co-founder US Energy Security Council, Reagan national security advisor, pled guilty to participating in the Iran-Contra cover-up.
      • Michael Hewitt
      • Frances Fragos Townsend, Director, former Homeland Security Advisor under George W. Bush


    Summer 2015 Flynn is paid by ACU Strategic Partners to travel to the Middle East to promote a trillion-dollar Saudi-financed U.S.–Russian business to develop nuclear power capabilities in the Arab world. Flynn does not disclose this trip when applying for his security clearance renewal in Jan. 2016

    Oct. 2015 Flynn travels to Saudi Arabia to again promote the Saudi/Russian nuclear project. He fails to disclose the nature of the travel and reports a fictional hotel name as his residence during the trip.

    Nov. 2016 After the election, a Saudi delegation that includes a cabinet minister involved in economic planning and national security, and the minister of energy and chairman of the state oil company meets with Kushner in New York. They propose initiatives timed to Trump's first term in office, including proposals to spend $50 billion over four years on American defense contracts, and urge Trump to come to Saudi Arabia himself to "launch the initiatives as part of a historic welcome celebration."

    Jan. 1, 2017 IP3 leaders Alexander, Keane, McFarlane, Hewitt, as well as the chief executives of six companies—Exelon Corporation, Toshiba America Energy Systems, Bechtel Corporation, Centrus Energy Corporation, GE Energy Infrastructure, and Siemens USA—sign a letter to MBS presenting:

    the Iron Bridge Program as a 21st Century Marshall Plan for the Middle East [...] designed to create long term government to government and commercial to commercial partnerships between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Jan. 17, 2017 Barrack hosts the invitation-only Chairman's Global Dinner inauguration event. A leaked guest list includes Flynn, McFarland, Gates, and seats for delegations from the Saudi, Emirati and Qatari foreign ministers.

    Jan. 20, 2017 Trump is inaugurated. Copson brags at an Inauguration Day event that Flynn had sent him a text message that the Middle East nuclear project was “good to go” and directing Copson to contact their business colleagues to “let them know to put things in place.”

    Week of Jan. 21, 2017 At an organizational meeting with National Security Council staff, Harvey states that he has prepared a “new strategy” for US engagement in the Middle East that includes a new “regional economic and energy plan” that he developed during the transition period in response to a request from Flynn.

    NSC staff explain that two NSC offices were responsible for economic and energy issues and that subject matter experts at the NSC and departments typically worked together to prepare and vet proposals for the President and his national security team. The staff tell Harvey that the Obama Administration had prepared a transition memorandum outlining the status of ongoing US energy and economic initiatives with countries in the Middle East.

    Harvey declines to obtain input from economic and energy subject matter experts at the NSC or cabinet departments. Instead, he asserts that Flynn had directed him to take charge of the new plan, which would include “dozens of nuclear power plants.”

    January 27, 2017 Harvey meet in his office at the White House with a group of retired generals who work for IP3, including Keane and McFarlane. Immediately after the meeting, directs the NSC staff to add information about IP3’s “plan for 40 nuclear power plants” to the briefing package for Trump’s upcoming call with Salman.

    NSC staff inform Harvey that any specific plan to transfer nuclear technology to a foreign country must comply with several legal requirements, including a long inter-agency review. Harvey insists that the decision had already been made during the presidential transition and that Flynn wants Trump to raise “the nuclear power plants” with King Salman.

    After the meeting, NSC staff consult with other career and political staff, all of whom agreed that Harvey’s directive could violate the law.

    NSC staff consult with a senior political appointee currently serving in the Trump Administration who was not affiliated with the IP3 plan (Senior Official 1). Senior Official 1 told NSC staff that they “absolutely should not include the issue” in President Trump’s talking points. Senior Official 1 stated that the official knew about Harvey’s meeting with the retired generals from IP3, and said the proposal was “not a business plan,” but rather “a scheme for these generals to make some money.” Senior Official 1 stated that Flynn had been part of the group of retired generals at IP3 prior to his appointment as National Security Advisor. Senior Official 1 stated to NSC staff: “Okay, you know we cannot do this.”

    January 28, 2017 McFarlane emails Flynn and K.T. McFarland two documents in a message entitled, “Launching the Marshall Plan for the Middle East”:

    1. A draft cover memo formatted as a Memorandum for the President written from Flynn to Trump

      Tom Barrack has been thoroughly briefed on this strategy and wants to run it for you. He’s perfect for the job. [Secretary of State] Rex [Tillerson] and [Secretary of Defense] Jim [Mattis] are supportive of Tom’s focus on this also. [...] In the enclosed memo you would call upon the relevant cabinet officers to lend their support to this historic program. I recommend that you sign it.

    2. A draft memo “for the President to sign” formatted as a Cabinet Memorandum from the President to the Secretaries of State, Defense, Treasury, and Energy; the Director of the CIA; and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

      I have assigned a special representative, Tom Barrack, to lead this important initiative and I am requesting him to engage each of you over the next 30 days to gain your input and support for our Middle East Marshal Plan.

    Flynn forwards McFarlane's email to White House staff, directing them to "Prep a staff packet to go to the POTUS." Harvey and others are instructed to finalize a decision memo by Jan. 30.

    That evening, NSC staff raise concerns with senior staff about significant conflicts of interest since the plan would benefit friends of Trump and Flynn. The officials agree and say they will contact the NSC Legal Advisor.

    Jan. 29, 2017 Senior Official 1 reiterates to NSC staff that it would be inappropriate for President Trump to raise the “40 nuclear plants” with King Salman.

    Jan. 30, 2017 NSC staff meet with the NSC Ethics Counsel and several attorneys in the NSC Legal Advisor’s office who agree that Flynn has a potentially illegal conflict of interest and arrange for NSC staff to meet with NSC Legal Advisor John Eisenberg. Eisenberg tells NSC staff they “did the right thing” by reporting the issue, and promises to immediately raise the issue with K.T. McFarland. When Harvey learns that Eisenberg directed the NSC staff to halt work, he reacts angrily, but concedes that Flynn has an apparent conflict of interest.

    Jan. 31, 2017 The NSC Ethics Counsel and Senior Official 1 attend a meeting at the White House that Flynn had been previously scheduled to have with IP3. They explain to IP3's backers that the White House is not the appropriate venue to receive the proposal and direct the company to submit its proposal to an appropriate Cabinet agency. Eisenberg later informs NSC staff that “we don’t need to do anything else about this” and that McFarland has agreed there would be no further NSC action on the plan.

    February 2017 Gates drafts a plan for Barrack's investment firm, Colony NorthStar, to profit off its connections to the Trump administration and foreign dignitaries.

    "Contact" -- "Cultivation" -- "Conversion" should be the mantra and objective of Colony NorthStar's international program in DC and internationally;

    Building a subtle brand in DC and internationally is yet another cornerstone needed for the DC operations. The key is to strategically cultivate domestic and international relationships while avoiding any appearance of lobbying. Done properly the international program can be the fundamental building block that ties all of the pieces of the Washington, DC program together.

    February 13, 2017 Flynn is forced out of the administration after media reports emerge about his secret conversations with Russian ambassador Kislyak in December 2016.

    March 2, 2017 Harvey tells colleagues at an internal meeting: “I speak with Michael Flynn every night.”

    NSC staff later meet with the new National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, and raise concerns about Harvey, including his ongoing contacts with Flynn and efforts to circumvent security procedures that McMaster put in place.

    March 3, 2017 McMaster directs Keith Kellogg, NSC Chief of Staff, to investigate reports of misconduct and gross mismanagement at NSC. Over the course of the investigation, Kellogg is informed about the previous actions of Flynn and Harvey to advance the IP3 plan, the potential conflicts of interest and legal concerns involved, and the attempts by NSC staff to address these matters by consulting with multiple White House officials, including Eisenberg and Senior Official 1.

    March 4, 2017 McFarlane sends an email to Harvey entitled “We’re Very Close to Losing Our Position in the Middle East”, seeking to get IP3's plan presented to Trump for approval.

    KT McFarland is fully conversant with our plan and suggested that I come see you to brainstorm on next steps.

    March 7, 2017 NSC staff report Harvey's continued work on the IP3 plan to Eisenberg and others in the NSC legal office and describe the roles played by Flynn, Harvey, and McFarland in advocating for the IP3 plan. Eisenberg promises to investigate.

    March 14, 2017 Trump meet with MBS in the Oval Office along with Kushner where they discuss opportunities for US companies to invest in Saudi Arabia. A read out written by Harvey includes references to:

    a new United States-Saudi program [...] in energy, industry, infrastructure, and technology worth potentially more than $200 billion in direct and indirect investments within the next four years.

    March 15, 2017 McFarland holds an internal meeting with staff, during which she raises the subject of the Middle East Marshall Plan, saying that Barrack had done an “amazing job” managing Trump’s inaugural committee and raising donations for Trump and that Barrack has longstanding and extensive business ties across the Middle East. McFarland states that Trump told Barrack he could lead implementation of the Middle East Marshall Plan, that Harvey and Barrack would be meeting later that day, telling NSC staff: “You should all be meeting with Tom.”

    March 17, 2017 McFarlane, Keane, Hewitt, and Alexander sign a letter to MBS:

    The agreements by President Trump and Mohammed bin Salman have established the framework for our unique opportunity to take the next steps with IP3 and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    The letter references a “partnership to acquire Westinghouse between IP3 and Saudi Arabia.”

    March 21, 2017 Harvey joins a conference call with Barrack to discuss the Middle East Marshall Plan. Also in Harvey's White House office are Gates and a career NSC staffer who later informs colleagues that Harvey was again trying to promote the IP3 plan “so that Jared Kushner can present it to the President for approval.”

    March 22, 2017 Harvey raises the Middle East Marshall Plan again during an interagency coordination meeting and emphasizes that it is a top priority.

    NSC staff report Harvey's March 21 conference call to Eisenberg, who asks, “Who is Rick Gates?” NSC staff provide an article from WaPo describing Gates’s connections with Paul Manafort and Russian oligarchs. They again contact the NSC Ethics Counsel to report Harvey.

    March 23, 2017 Energy Secretary Rick Perry raises the subject of the Middle East Marshall Plan during an interagency meeting relating to Saudi Arabia convened by NSC. After the meeting, Harvey introduces himself to Perry and expresses interest in continuing the discussion about the Middle East Marshall Plan.

    March 24, 2017 NSC staff reports to Eisenberg their detailed concerns about gross mismanagement in the Middle East Directorate, detailing unethical and potentially illegal actions by Flynn and Harvey to advance the Middle East Marshall Plan, as well as subsequent efforts by Kellogg and Harvey to fire NSC staff after learning about the whistleblowing.

    March 24–25, 2017 Harvey instructs NSC staff to add language about the IP3 plan (specifically nuclear power plants) into talking points for Trump's upcoming meeting with Egyptian President al-Sisi.

    Harvey tells staff that Eisenberg and Senior Official 1 had both approved adding the IP3 plan language into the talking points. Eisenberg and Senior Official 1 subsequently tell NSC staff that they had not approved adding the language.

    March 27, 2017 McMaster informs NSC staff that he and Eisenberg agreed that nobody at the NSC should work on the Middle East Marshall Plan anymore:

    John [Eisenberg] and I agree that this is done. Nobody should work on this anymore.

    NSC staff note Harvey's attempts to insert references to the IP3 Plan and nuclear power plants into talking points for Trump and inquire about why Harvey and others were still pursuing the IP3 plan, but Eisenberg does not provide an explanation.

    March 28, 2017 Townsend contacts Bossert about the IP3 Plan and sends NSC staff several documents:

    1. an overview of the Middle East Marshall Plan that appeared to be produced by IP3;

    2. a document entitled “The Trump Middle East Marshall Plan (White Paper by Tom Barrack)” dated March 10, 2017;

    3. the letter that McFarlane, Keane, Hewitt, and Alexander addressed to MBS on March 17, 2017; and

    4. the January 1, 2017, letter to MBS signed by Alexander, Keane, McFarlane, Hewitt, and the six chief executives.

    Barrack’s white paper states:

    The President will appoint a special representative for the Trump Middle East Marshall Plan with the diplomatic rank of ambassador or special advisor the President.

    It says the Special Envoy should “coordinate and work hand-in-hand” with government officials, including Kushner and that Trump should implement the plan through an executive order. It describes the Special Envoy as building:

    long-line relationships with U.S. private sector leaders acting as their expediter in clearing the traditional regional and regulatory hurdles to their participation [...] trusted relationships with top leaders of GCC countries, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq.

    Bossert tells NSC staff to meet with Townsend.

    March 2017 Trump and his advisors tell Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:

    if the U.S. does not sell the Saudis nuclear reactors, other countries like Russia or France will.

    April 3, 2017 Pence's National Security Advisor Andrea Thompson asks a staffer to meet with IP3 to discuss the plan. The outreach from IP3 to Pence's team is reported to Eisenberg.

    May 20-21 Kushner joins Trump on the first foreign trip of the administration, to Riyadh.

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  • 13:58 UTC Thoughts on Lift

    So this is mij first time posting here. I tried to check if someone else has come up with the same theory, it's not on the wiki and I find the forum a bit difficult to navigate - but here goes:

    We know Lift went to the Nightwatcher with the request she wouldn't change; that the world would change around her. I belief the Nightwatcher interpreted this as 'not aging'. Aging is, in a way, a constant deterioration of the body. To give Lift the ability to counter this detorioration, she has to be able to heal more or less continuously. Investiture can do this, but where would she find a constant source of Investiture? Via a workaround; the Nightwatcher changed her spiritweb in such a way that she is able to metabolize food into Investiture.

    As I see it there could be two main reasons why Lift still ages. First and foremost; healing is bringing the person back to the state they see themselves (as a whole). Since aging is such a defining attribute of the human condition, Lift cannot help but expect it, and therefore the healing doesn't work. Secondly; she might not be using (enough) investiture for this goal; her intake is limited by how much she can eat, and she is using it a lot when being Awesome. This would also mean that in fact the bond with Wyndle (giving her access to the surges), is actually an important reason she does age (although the process of aging could still be slower than normal).

    Her ability to touch Wyndle, and also tag along in Stormfathers visions, would be related to her boon as well. Due to the change in her spiritweb, she has a stronger connection with the Spirit and the Cognitive realm. I'm pretty sure this is needed for the access to Investiture (although im still a bit unsure about Realmatic theory).

    We might have information about Lifts curse as well, but I need a reread to form more conclusive thoughts.

    PS: I did a search and there is one WoB that supports my theory

    Disclaimer: I've discovered the Cosmere last year and have been on a Sanderson high ever since. Read all the Cosmere works except White Sands (also read the Reckoners, the Rithmatist and just started on Alcatraz). Did read some of the Wiki and a lot of WoBs, but I'm still new to all this. Hope you can appreciate my attempt to participate!

    Edit: words

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  • 13:53 UTC Post-Match Thread: Lyon 0-0 Barcelona [UEFA Champions League]

    FT: Lyon 0-0 Barcelona

    1st Leg

    Venue: Stade des Lumières

    Auto-refreshing reddit comments link



    Anthony Lopes, Jason Denayer, Marcelo, Ferland Mendy, Léo Dubois, Tanguy Ndombele (Pape Diop), Houssem Aouar, Martin Terrier (Maxwel Cornet), Bertrand Traoré (Lucas Tousart), Moussa Dembélé, Memphis Depay.

    Subs: Mathieu Gorgelin, Fernando Marçal, Kenny Tete, Oumar Solet.



    Marc-André ter Stegen, Clément Lenglet, Gerard Piqué, Jordi Alba, Nélson Semedo, Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic, Sergi Roberto (Arturo Vidal), Luis Suárez, Ousmane Dembélé (Philippe Coutinho), Lionel Messi.

    Subs: Samuel Umtiti, Jeison Murillo, Malcom, Carles Aleñá, Iñaki Peña.


    3' Houssem Aouar (Lyon) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    33' Léo Dubois (Lyon) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

    67' Substitution, Barcelona. Coutinho replaces Ousmane Dembélé.

    69' Substitution, Lyon. Lucas Tousart replaces Bertrand Traoré.

    76' Substitution, Lyon. Maxwel Cornet replaces Martin Terrier.

    80' Sergi Roberto (Barcelona) is shown the yellow card.

    81' Substitution, Barcelona. Arturo Vidal replaces Sergi Roberto.

    84' Substitution, Lyon. Pape Cheikh replaces Tanguy NDombele.

    88' Nélson Semedo (Barcelona) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

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  • 13:47 UTC Role Call, Chapter 1, Vol. 5: the REAL last Rainbow Tank review, "I'm bored at work and don't have shit better to do" edition!

    Grettings from a miserly F2P hoarder. The last time I did this I skipped "Baeryl" and many of you were upset. So since I'm a lazy bastard who volunteered for work on a day in which nobody is calling the help desk, I have time to sit back and poop out this final review of tanks currently avialable in GL that come from the shiniest of rainbows with the shittiest of odds.

    For newcomers, or bored readers who are usually too snooty to read my shitty opinions, Role Call's purpose is to compare that 5★ rainbow that your favorite YouTuber or subreddit contributor got, to the 3★ or 4★ that YOU got because you didn't "work hard enough".

    As such, after this brief review, as only three Tanks were left, I'll be dropping a subjective review of Tank ratings with moreso practicality than math (fuck math), but... that can wait.

    Usually my posts are a wall of text (see first Role Call) if you have doubts, but this one is abridged for convenience and less stress on my fingers. Let's get to it:

    "Goodest Boi" Chow Chow

    The first time I reviewed r/FFBE's Goodest Boi two years running, I both A: knew that Chow's 7★ and enhancements would be coming shortly after I typed his review up, and B: I did not have Chow, seeing as how I skipped his event. Seeing as how "A" has happened now, and "B" no longer holds true - I used my GL UoC on him over Lilith, as I'm an impatient bastard - meaning that I have experience with him now, I can give better contextual info on him, having done a lap of his banner to get a dupe. This abbreviated section will cover his new abilities at 7★, since he pretty much does the same thing he did when I reviewed him before, just more gooder.

    In FFBE lore Chow is a Divine Beast of fortune who... well shit. He helps Ang and Yan somehow. Gumi didn't re-run the story event so I forget.

    That being said, Chow is a Support/Healer Tank, á la Cecil but better:

    Role Name Effect
    Healer Dispelga AoE remove *all effects from targeted party
    Healer Curaja AoE Heal 2,500 (1.8x) HP
    Support Strong Ecouragement Aoe buff ATK/DEF by 60% and nullify Stop for three turns [Enh. +1: ATK/DEF +80%, Enh +2: ATK/DEF +100% and increase turn count to 4]
    Support Improved Focus Same as above, but MAG/SPR instead, and Charm instead of Stop. Enhancements are same as well.
    Support Guardian's Blessingꭜ AoE Nullify ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR breaks for three turns, enable Sudden Wealth* to caster for four turns

    ꭜfive turn cool down, available turn one

    *allows W-Ability for the following: Guardian's Sacrifice, Courageous Heart, Strong Encouragement, Improved Focus

    To briefly remind you of his other Magic: Curaga, Esunaga, and Full-Life round out his Magic kit.

    Dispelga is key for fights with multiple enemies being buffed, as well as removing Imperils, Breaks, and Imbues for your team in certain fights as well, because it's preferable to using Bushido - Freedom on yourself.

    Curaja for a 7★ Magic Tank is effectively a 7★ Healer level of healing, provided you gear them appropriately. My 1309 SPR Chow obviously outperforms my 1183 SPR Ayaka in Healing, although obviously Ayaka's in my party for different reasons than Good Boi. Also, Chow learns Dual White magic a 7★, meaning that he can combine healing, Esunaga, and a Full-Life or two in the same turn if your Healer has to do something other than Healing. Chow is mainly in your party to soak up damage but if you want a no-Healer strat for efficiency, Chow can certainly do the job, albeit not with the bells and whistles that Ayaka (multiple skills with HP barriers), LM Fina (AoE Reraise), Eiko (Summoning), and Yuna (Summoning + Element resistance), and etc. have.

    The enhancements to Chow's buff abilities are significant in that they gain a turn of effect, rather than their buff value, as eSoleil, Iggy, MS Nichol, etc. can outperform him, meaning that you mainly want them for Charm and Stop resistance if you don't have those roles covered, or don't have a dedicated buffer unit. That being said, I recommend you use Chow as a Tank first and then either a support or Healer as necessary, because having a unit do three roles in a fight can be clunky. That being said, keep in mind Chow can't W-Ability these buffs unless you've used Guardian's Blessing, so use him to complement your Support rather than be the main one unless you've mastered your rotations. Also about Guardian's Blessing: Break resistance is very much a valuable asset, and scarce among units in the game (I believe Shylt and Yan are the only 4★ units to have it, and it damn sure helped me trivialize Wicked Moon and his absurd 75% AoE Full break).

    Ability Effect & Duration
    Spiritual Guardianꭜ 80% chance to AoE Cover against magic damage, with damage mitgation (50% - 70%) to caster, AoE 2,000 HP barrier for four turns

    ꭜsix turn cooldown, available turn one

    Chow's only other covering abilities are a useless ST cover and his standard MAG Cover, Spiritual Defender, which... did not get any enhancements. Hmm. Well, Spiritual Guardian is a cool move for thresholds and it conveniently gives HP barriers for additional bulk. Otherwise, you'll usually have his regular cover to rely on, as six turns is a long time unless you're that absolute M A D M A N who just OBAMAs trials with Medius like it's nobody's business then places his massive testicles back on the wheelbarrow to travel to the next fight. Y I K E S (but also, props).

    Chow got some enhancements for his 6★ passives, and additional stat boosts at 7★ too:

    Name Effect
    Spiritual Core* +30% SPR, +100% SPR when HP drops below 30% [Enh. +1: SPR +40% & +120% SPR when HP is below 40%, Enh +2: +50% SPR & +150% SPR when HP below 60%]
    Twin Discipline* HP +20%, +30% DEF when using Robes, +30% SPR when wearing H Armor [Enh +1: increase both DEF and SPR by 30% when wearing Robes or H Armor, Enh +2: buff now applies to L Armor as well.
    Vessel of Prosperity** HP/MP/SPR +20%, nullify Stop
    Reliable Protector Increase HP/SPR +30% w/ using L Shield or H Shield
    Dual White Magic Those Spells in his kit? You can use those TWICE!
    DEF +20% So, question, what breed is Chow based on? I'm a cat person so I don't know these thiings. Also this stat is self explanatory
    True Divination HP/DEF/SPR + 20%, +10% Magic Evasion, +50% LB Gauge fill rate

    *received enhancements since my previous review

    **requires TMR, Lucky Ingot, to be equipped

    So Chow gets bulk if you give him the otherwise underwhelming (except on LMS maybe) Lucky Ingot, gains additional bulk if he's using a shield, a small DEF buff and even more bulk plus a tiny chance of evasion. All are pretty good, since the amount of bulk can make or break a tank (see eCagnazzo for how much better things can get). Spiritual Core offers additional SPR and a better crisis buff, while Twin Discipline offers more flexibility in gearing.

    Dual White magic means Chow can top off the party's HP after a nuke if necessary, or Raise, esunaga, etc.

    Magic abilities and spells do not have Accuracy values, so while Chow's 10% Magical evasion is low, you'll never have to worry about "fuck you this hits anyway" logic when hoping RNG blesses you with the holy word, "Miss".

    LB Effect
    7★ Celestial Limit (36 LS) AoE (30% - 54%) damage mitigation, Heal 10% HP, and Refresh (45% - 75%) MP

    Chow's LB is a nice source of mitigation and mana refresh. Odd that his Healing didn't scale with the LB level, but... I digress.

    STMR Effect
    Everlasting Kindness +20% HP/MP, +80% SPR when wearing a Robe

    Chow's STMR has a formidable amount of SPR, and a respectable amount of HP & MP, making it great for Healers, magic Tanks (duh), and if you have Support units who's Healing buffs are based on SPR, them too.

    Fun fact: if you're chasing Ang (like I was, because I had ignored him entirely until a blue crystal turned gold, then spectrum, and then WHADDAYA KNOW, I have an Ang now and need a second... damn you Goomie), and the game gives you more Good Bois instead, this is quite obtainable. Yet it will hurt your Lapis.

    So to be brief, Chow got a CD HP barrier ability, better buffs in case your buffer is busy or non-existent, and he got more HP, MP, DEF, and SPR. Now compared to similar units, Chow is more comparable to A. Rain in that they notably favor SPR over DEF, whereas units like WKN and Lilith can have 900+ or 1,000+ values in both DEF and SPR. What this means is WKN or Lilith can be used as a Provoke tank and they'll shrug it off, whereas you don't necessarily want Chow to be a physical provoke tank, even though he tecnically can do it with a Moogle Plushie and Golem's Provoke.

    For our builds, keep in mind these don't take Item World into account, so expect that you can add on average about 10% HP/DEF/SPR depending on how Steel castle Melfuckya feels today.

    Here's our 7★ Good Boi build:

    L Paw: Magi Staff (we've had this shat on us for a good few events now)

    R Paw: Flax Shield (gives 10% Magical evade when held by CNY 2018 units)

    Snoot: Frozen Crown

    Floofy back: Cure Robe

    Leash: Lucky Ingot

    Collar: Arsha's Talisman

    Materia: Mog Rise

    Materia: Staff Mastery

    Materia: Great Mage's Chant

    Materia: Mechanical Heart

    Esper: Alexander

    HP: 17,187 | MP: 633 | ATK: 271 | DEF: 608 | MAG: 278 | SPR: 1,238

    Chow with older gear is pretty solid. His HP is great considering the Mag tanks we have thus far, and is comparable to the lower end of physical tanks. His MP is comfortable, his DEF is solid to take a stray hit or two (don't make a habit of it in current content, but for older content this is plenty), and HELL YES is that SPR stat the good shit. Keep in mind that once Chow's Twin Discipline is enhanced, he gains +30% DEF/SPR regardless of what armor or robes he's wearing, a feature that was unavailable for most of his 6★ lifespan.

    As a note, Magic Tanks unlike Physical tanks have a few different Espers to choose from, as Carbuncle, Lakshmi, Phoenix, and recently Alexander are all available with varying amounts of HP/MP/SPR buffs to choose from. Throw on Carbuncle for bulk, Lakshmi for HP and... well Chow already does Stop/Charm resist. Phoenix is redundant as Chow already has an auto-revive skill, and Alexander is just for making Chow 100% Light resistant with some stat boosts.

    Here's the 7★ Best boi build:

    L Paw: Dragon's Destiny

    R Paw: Asfales

    Snoot: Mirochu Cap

    Floofy back: Sara's Robe

    Leash: Lucky Ingot

    Collar: Genbu Ring

    Materia: Everlasting Kindness

    Materia: Thirst for Survival

    Materia: Staff Mastery

    Materia: Mechanical Heart (nothing wrong with GM's Chant here either)

    Esper: Alexander

    HP: 18,726 | MP: 617 | ATK: 258 | DEF: 683 | MAG: 266 | SPR: 1,529

    Chow's 7★ with vet gear is quite bulky and has the highest SPR stat currently obtainable in GL, I believe (requires verification). Magical AoE threshold concerns are a thing of the past. Expect Chow to take a beating and then poop in the bosses' yard, unless the boss has a ridiculous mag stat that you didn't Break. Shit happens.

    A note for both of these, if you swap in something like Ozetta's armor for the robe, Chow will gain 60 - 100 points in the DEF stat and lose the same in the SPR stat. Once you put his STMR on him, however, Robes are solidly preferred against armor. However, if you have his STMR, consider using a HP/DEF materia somewhere in there too, as this is a nonsensical amount of SPR to deal with Magic attacks and more DEF is never a bad thing, unless you're running two tanks and don't want Chow taking animal cruelty.

    I'm terrible at being concise. All I did was cover his new skills and this was still a wall of text. Damn it.

    Thus concludes the glory of Good Boi's 7★. Now, we're on to the second non-human 5★ of this review:

    Beryl Beryl

    "... yeah I was looking for "Baeryl!"

    - u/spaceasteroid, on not seeing his fave tank in my previous Role Call. Reddit character limit be DAMNED!

    Beryl is a Tonberry who in FFBE canon, appeared as a savior for the Tonberry race which was struggling against human globalization, that destabilized their people and environment just like humans currently struggle against other humans who pretend climate change is a lie. For those of you who are Final Fantasy n00bs, Tonberries are hooded, cave-dwelling, knife-wielding reptilians that specialize in stabbing the protagonist to death while carrying lanterns that conveniently give away their position. Not that this fact matters since in most FF games, encountering enemies is done via RNG rather than actually seeing them.

    Also this bugs me when y'all get it wrong so I have to say it: Beryl is female. STOP MISGENDERING HER, DAMN IT! Whew. Apparently I was wrong and this is "other". Hmm.

    Beryl can equip Knives (duh), Swords, and Greatswords which at first glance isn't GREAT for a tank unit, as you figure DEF and SPR are preferred, but Beryl isn't a conventional Tank. Additionally, you may seek weapons in these categories that favor MAG. More on this below.

    Beryl can wear Hats, Clothes, Robes, and accessories. She's a Magic Tank, so this is standard fare.

    Now, similar to Viktor Marchenko and therefore unlike most other tanks, Beryl can be used in a dedicated non-Tank role, which is in her case is a Magical Attacker. So I don't have to type it out every time, several of Beryl's offense abilities are Physical attacks that deal Magical damage to the enemy, so henceforth I'll refer to this as "Beryl" damage. And no, Beryl doesn't deal this damage to herself.

    According to the Wiki - and if I've interpreted this incorrectly, feel free to correct me - what this means is these attacks perform the same as a physical attack, meaning they take Dual Wield into account, are affected by Killers, Chains, wake a sleeping target, and will be affected by general and physical mitigation, but will use Beryl's MAG stat scaling against the enemy's SPR rather than ATK scaling against DEF, and use the total MAG calcuation when dual wielding.

    Whew. Mouthful.

    Role Name Effect & Description
    Magical Attacker Exposed Guilt ST "Beryl" damage (2.5x), -50% ATK/MAG for three turns
    Magical Attacker Exposed Sins Same as above, but DEF/SPR instead
    Support Paint it Black AoE +70% Dark resistance and, imbue Dark to physical attacks for five turns
    Support Bathed in Light Same as above, but Light resistance/imbue
    Support Heaven Mode Self nullify all buffs, +130% MAG, +100% LB Gauge fill rate, Refresh 100 MP (.5x) and enable Seraphic Call** for three turns to caster
    Magical Attacker Heaven - Penance Pokeꟸ ST "Beryl" damage (2.5x) w/ ignore SPR (50%)
    Magical Attacker Heaven - Judgement AoE "Beryl" damage (2.4x) with 1.2x consecutive use increase to 8.4x max
    Magical Attacker Heaven - Force of Lightꟸꟸ ST "Beryl" damage (4.8x), -60% Light resistance for three turns.
    Magical Attacker Heaven - Ye Not Guiltyꟸꟸꟸ AoE "Beryl" damage (3x) with 1.5x consecutive increase to 10.5x max
    Magical Attacker Born to Die - Heaven Mode AoE "Beryl" damage (12x), -100% Light resistance, and -70% DEF/SPR for four turns, self 1 turn auto-revive for one turn, KO self to recover 30% HP and 20% to all allies except caster
    Support Seraphic Install - Heaven Modeꭜ Self remove all buffs, +200% MAG, and +100% LB Gauge fill, enable Seraphic Redemption*** and Seraphic Call** for three turns

    *physical attack, but with Magic damage... weird.

    **Seraphic Call: use Heaven Skills twice in one turn

    ***Seraphic Redemption: use Heaven Skills thrice in one turn

    ꟸOctoslash chaining family

    ꟸꟸDivine Ruination chaining family

    ꟸꟸꟸChaos Wave chaining family

    ꭜFive turn cooldown, available turn one

    Not gonna lie. That is... a lot. Beryl is of course, a Tank, but has significant abilities to dish out damage. She's able to chain with the DR, 8S, and CW families, all of which have a significant presence in GL, albeit the last two mostly consist of Rainbow units and DR does not. Elsewhere, she has "meh" 50% Breaks, a serviceable 70% DEF/SPR break, a 60% Light Imperil, and some abilities that unlock self sustain shenanigans for herself at the cost of removing pre-existing buffs.

    Now that we know Beryl can do all kinds of tricks, let's look at her actual primary job:

    Name Effect & Duration
    Alone in the Dark Self +100% targeting chance and 30% mitigation for three turns
    Everyone's Grudge Self +100% targeting chance for three turns, 3,000 HP barrier for two turns, 100% chance to counter physical damage w/ physical damage (6x) w/ SPR scaling for two turns, max three counter attacks per turn
    Total Eclispe 80% chance to AoE Cover allies from magical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for three turns
    Seraphic Install - Hell Modeꭜ Self 90% magical damage mitigation for one turn

    ꭜFive turn cooldown, available turn one

    Beryl's two Provokes offer a choice between mitigation, and Counter/HP Barrier shenanigans. One is better for general use, the other is cool for LB generation. If you have an external source of AoE mitigation buffs from another unit or Pod accessory, then use that so it stacks with Everyone's Grudge. Total Eclipse is standard AoE cover, and Seraphic Install - Hell Mode can make Trial Boss nukes turn into Derringer bullets. Beryl's got a kit for solid Provoking and Magical Cover, just like WKN.

    Name Effect
    Shadow Counter 30% to counter attacks with Magical damage (4x) w/ SPR scaling, maximum one turn
    Cast in the Name of God Auto-Refresh 10% MP, +50% Magical and Physical damage against Humans
    Everyone's Hope 30% to counter attacks with AoE 1,000 (3.4x) HP Heal
    Heart of a Tonberry +30% HP and +20% DEF/SPR, +100% Counter chance
    Soul of a Saint +30% MAG/SPR, nullify Blind, Paralyze, Confuse, Petrify
    Kitchen Knife Mastery +30% MAG/SPR when using Dagger, +100% equipment MAG and 25% SPR when single wielding any weapon
    Karmic Rhythm At start of battle, +100% LB Gauge fill rate, 20% damage mitigation, and +150% SPR for three turns
    Unstoppable Martyr* +30% HP/MP, +30% Physical evasion, +30% Dark and Light resistance, nullify Stop
    MP +20% If Beryl was in a certain Nickelodeon cartoon she'd be called Thornberry the Tonberry
    Judge the Guilty +40% MAG/SPR when wearing a Robe, +2x Modifier to Heaven - Force of Light, +1x modifier to Heaven - Penance Poke

    *requires TMR, Light's Vengeance equipped

    Beryl's passives generally favor HP, MAG, and SPR, to complement both taking abuse and dishing it back out. Soul of a Saint means that none of the bad ailments can stop her, she's got a bit of evasion for dealing with physical hits (remember that Provoke?), and a convenient immunity to Stop. Ideally, you'd prolly wanna give her a Dagger that hasaninnate MAG boost on it, then run it through Item world. Currently, that is restricted to Defender's Daggers (which is ideally on a Support, or Rem), Lightning Dagger, Breath of Rose, Necro Dagger, Zwill Crossblade, and Fallen Angle. Most of these have forgettable MAG stats except for the last two, which are Ignis' and Beryl's STMRs, respectively.

    LB Effect & Duration
    Final Doink 5★ (20 LS) ST "Beryl" damage (4x - 7.8x), (-35% to -54%) ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns
    Final Doink 6★ (24 LS) ST "Beryl" damage (6x - 10.8x), (-40% to -64%) ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns
    Final Doink 7★ (30 LS) ST "Beryl" damage (9.5x - 15.3x), (-45% to -74%) ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR for three turns

    The primary value of Beryl's LB at 7★ is a Meta Full Break. Not to write off the damage, but if you can keep her LB in rotation, it's pretty solid. HT Lid, YorHa Waifu, etc. can maintain their LB's easily due to the former having plenty of LS boost options (provided you have Limit gear) and the latter having a move that can literally fill her gauge in a single turn, but Beryl has Seraphic Install - Heaven Mode and Karmic Rhythm to help ker keep it topped off.

    Reward Effect
    Light's Vengeance (TMR) +30% HP, +20% MAG/SPR
    Fallen Angle (STMR) Dagger - ATK +10, MAG/SPR +142, +40% Dark/Light Resistance, Enable Sines of the Father (Beryl only): +50% equipment MAG when single wielding any weapon

    Light's Vengeance is an awesome TMR, which is stackable, meaning that if you have Beryl at 7★, tossing two of them on her isn't a bad idea. Additionally, you can toss this on a support unit for bulk, or ideally a Summoner, as Evocation damage takes MAG and SPR into account, and the 30% HP is a warm sight for Yuna, Kydia, and Eiko's frail asses (if you use Garnet still, then her too :D). Fallen Angle, with only Ignis' Zwill Crossblade TMR a close second, is the best weapon to put on Beryl, however unless you've got four of her, it's likely you're running around with one of the (mediocre at best) MAG daggers instead. Woe is you.

    So let's give Beryl a shitty Vector/Cutco pyramid scheme MLM bullshit knife set:

    L Arm: Breath of Rose

    R Arm: Tonberries don't carry two knives you NOOB

    Head: Cat Ear Hood

    Body: Siren's Robe (this is from a power crept trial, shut it)

    Accessory 1: Arsha's Talisman

    Accessory 2: Magistral Crest

    Materia: Light's Vengeance

    Materia: Strategist's Ingenuity

    Materia: Great Mage's Chant

    Materia: Mog Rise

    Esper: Phoenix

    HP: 13,151 | MP: 622 | ATK: 318 | DEF: 361 | MAG: 982 | SPR: 1,034

    Of the magical Espers we have in Global, Ramuh is too frail for a Tank unit, Shiva is okay but she's mainly a stat tick. Diabolos syncs well with Beryl for Man-Eater purposes, Alexander favors the tank stats, Lakshimi has HP boosts with her stats and resistances, and Phoenix is a decent mix of HP/MP/MAG/SPR. Carbuncle is recommended only if you're using Beryl as a dedicated Tank.

    If you take Breath of Rose, Lightning Dagger, etc. through IW, try to gain boosts of HP/MP/MAG/SPR as necessary, unless you have Ignis or Beryl's STMRs, the pickin's is slim. With this build, she has okay-ish (for a MAG tank, for a physical 7★ Tank this would be pretty bad) HP, enough MP to do her various jobs, DEF is kinda low to be running Provokes, her MAG is decent enough for chaining purposes and her SPR is great for Tanking.

    Now let's give her the Æsahettr build:

    L Arm: Fallen Angle

    R Arm: to carry your decapitated head away.

    Head: Chic Summer Hat

    Body: Siren's Robe

    Accessory 1: Jake's Pirate Ring

    Accessory 2: Magic Amplifier

    Materia: Light's Vengeance

    Materia: Thirst for Survival

    Materia: Magical Potential

    Materia: Malboro's Whisper

    Esper: Phoenix

    HP: 14,264 | MP: 638 | ATK: 256 | DEF: 380 | MAG: 1,410 | SPR: 1,176

    Beryl is cool that she can be configured for MAG damage or SPR tanking, but both of these builds, I've attempted to be balanced with these, but you can skew them however you desire. If you have a Sieg and are going into a fight with her as your MAG tank, throw his TMR on her instead of Magical Potential for better HP/DEF/SPR and a LB fill rate boost. If you're using her as an assassin, use perhaps Sage of Mysidia instead.

    That being said, this HP stat is noticeably lower than eWKN, A. Rain, and the Boi above. Beryl isn't weak by any means, but at pure tanking, the other three rainbow Mag tanks have more defensive buffs and self support as they're tanks first and Support/Healing second; Beryl is here to kill shit.

    With this build, Beryl has very capable MAG and a SPR stat that is perfectly fine in the current Meta. The ability to take hits and dish punishment back out is the reason units like Viktor, Lilith, and Beryl are considered great for slot-efficient fights.

    Now onto this review's only conventional Tank:

    The Transcendent, Radiant, Magnificent Sieghard CG Sieghart

    Yes that title is absolutely necessary and if you didn't play his Story event then fuck you and your fat fingers, and I hope your next 10+1 pull consists of Bedile, Shadow, Ponelo, Maria, Aiden, Maria, Gilbert, Ovelia, Gau, Rasler, and... okay that's too evil.

    In FFBE lore, Sieg is formerly Veritas of the Earth, and then before that, an aristocratic nobleman along with his sister Dietlinde (that 84% DEF break is tits for OTKO strats), and his brother Theobold (pretty decent MAG Whip TMR). When not trying to smash Majiin Fina's face in with Demon Wall, he is a vain aesthetician who constantly grinds Incest Grandma Folka's and Thirst for Reagan Citra's nerves, but along with Ignacio is not fond of children being put into less-than-ethical situations.

    Naked out of the box, Sieg has no innate weaknesses or resistances to any elements or ailments, but gains them leveling up, obviously becoming resistant to Earth, being Earthlord and all.

    He can equip Daggers, Swords, Staves, Axes, Hammers, and Whips. With Steel Castle Melfuckya currently active, this means Sieg can ideally gear Gigantaxe, Mighty Hammer, Sledgehammer (DQ), etc. for sweet HP/DEF boosts.

    Sieg can wear whatever the Hell his radiant ass pleases, as long as it's not a robe because that's not beautiful.

    ... no I wasn't showing a bias, Sieg can wear any Shield, Armor, Hat, Helm, or Clothing in the game. Robes are the only thing he can't dress with.

    As his clothing options may tell, Sieg is a physical Tank who ideally is just your Tank, but can serve as a backup breaker if necessary. He has a handful of offensive moves as well.

    Role Name Effect & Duration
    Breaker Mind Charm ST inflict Charm (5% chance), physical damage (2x) w/ DEF scaling, -60% SPR for five turns
    Breaker Block Charm Same as above, but with -60% DEF
    Physical Attacker Dangerous Roseꟸ AoE (2.8x) physical damage w/ DEF scaling
    Breaker Full Break Charm Same as the first two "Charm" abilities, but (2.5x) mod, three turns instead of five, and -50% to all stats.
    Support Bar-Stonaga AoE 70% Earth resist for three turns
    Physical Attacker Earthboundꟸꟸ ST physical damage (2x) with DEF scaling, -100% Earth imperil for one turn

    ꟸFree energy chaining family

    ꟸꟸPiledriver chaining family

    As far as breaks go, Sieg is a direct upgrade over say, WoL, and they function the same way: they aren't meant to be your main Breaks, but they're there if you need them. The Mind and Block charms are decent-ish at 60% for SPR and DEF, which isn't terrible but the Full Break Charm 50% value is now fairly in the "oh shit, it's better than nothing" tier along with 45%.

    Dangerous Rose has a chaining family but Sieg, even with the DEF scaling, shouldn't be your DPS and he should NOT be dual wielding. Earthbound - which I've never used, as eAileen, much as I love her, has fallen in the current meta - has a 100% Earth imperil if you need burst damage with Earth users, even though it's only one turn. Sieg's Bar-Stonaga move has situational usefulness and this rounds out his non-tanking kit.

    Not written above, he has the Stone spells up to -aja level, but I needn't tell you that these are useless except for "deal Earth damage" missions.

    Now for the Tanking, which is solid, yet also weird.

    Name Effect & Duration
    Noble Stance 50% chance to ST cover ally from physical damage w/ 50% mitigation
    Stylish Charm AoE inflict Charm (5%), 75% chance to AoE cover allies from physical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for three turns
    I'm Gorgeous! AoE Charm (30% chance), self +100% targeting chance and mitigate damage by 40% for two turns. If used consecutive turns, turns into Gorgeous Pose: AoE inflict Charm (50% chance), 80% chance to AoE cover allies from physical damage with 60% - 75%, negate three physical damage taken for one turn to self
    Super Winkꭜ AoE inflict Charm (5%), 75% chance to AoE cover allies from magical damage w/ 50% - 70% mitigation for two turns
    Sexy Smileꭜꭜ AoE inflict Charm (5%), mitigate magic damage to self by 90% for one turn
    Glorious Guardꭜꭜꭜ AoE inflict Charm (5%), mitigate physical damage to self by 90% for one turn

    ꭜthree turn cool down, available turn one

    ꭜꭜseven turn cool down, avialable turn one

    ꭜꭜꭜsix turn cool down, available turn one

    Sieg's kit includes a standard AoE physical cover which we're all used to. His Provoke is the oddity, however. Using it on one turn makes a 40% mitigated taunt, which is pretty good, albeit two turns only. Using it on the next turn means that you activate an AoE cover that's stronger mitigation and proc chance than his regular cover, however you'd have to refresh the mitigated provoke the next turn, meaning it's possible to just hit "I'm Gorgeous!" over and over again and he'd have constant cover and provoke up the whole time, although he'd be able to do nothing else That being said, the three hit nullification every other turn makes for better survivability. Super Wink means that Sieg can function as an emergency Mag tank, however you'd likely want an actual Mag tank to deal with nukes, as you'll see later Sieg's SPR isn't great. Sexy Smile and Glorious Guard round out his Tanking kit as threshold moves with can render enemy nukes insignificant.

    Sieg has a buttload of passives. Let's get funky:

    Name Effect
    Draw Attacks Self +50% targeting chance
    Edelschild +50% SPR when using L Shield, +50% DEF when using H Shield, +50% Earth resistance
    Sibling's Teachings +20% DEF, Nullify Confuse and Petrify
    HP +30% DIVINE!
    He Who Thrives in Adversity +30% HP, +20% DEF/SPR, 30% chance to counter magic damage with He Who Trives in Adversity: self restore 25% HP & MP, max one time per turn
    Noblesse Oblige +30% HP, +20% DEF/SPR, Nullify Charm
    Man of Many Rivals* +30% DEF/HP, 50% chance to ignore fatal damage once, when HP is above 5%. +200% DEF/SPR when HP is below 1%
    MP +20% EXQUISITE!
    Brilliant Rose +30% HP/SPR when wearing L Armor, +30% HP/DEF when wearing H Armor, +100 LB Gauge fill rate

    *requires TMR, Hero's Vow - Earth to be equipped

    For those of you not keeping count, Sieg can have a total of 120% in HP passives and 170% in DEF passives (if using his TMR, which is honestly stupid not to, and H Shield/Armor, which is usally preferred), and at least 50% SPR for just existing, 110% SPR if you're wearing L Shield/Armor instead. Sieg, when fully kitted for DEF passives reaches phenomenal bulk. SPR kitted, he isn't really impressive and his DEF will still likely be higher than his SPR. HWTIA is a nice self survivability move and the Charm immunity is great when combined with ST charm moves - he has an innate 50% Draw but can easily hit 100% with Moogle Plushie, K Producer's Jacket, and... whatever the Hell that FFBE Gift thing was with 20% Draw chance. I forget.

    Reward Effect
    Hero's Vow - Earth (TMR) +30% HP and Earth resistance, +20% DEF/SPR, +50% LB fill rate +50%
    Attractive Shield (STMR) L Shield - HP +30%, DEF +85, +80% Earth resistance

    The STMR has the highest DEF in the game currently, I believe, as well as the highest innate HP stat. HV - Earth is a solid materia for any tank with the boosts to HP/DEF/SPR. Supports can use it as well for the bulk and LB fill rate. That being said, Sieg, as far as tanks go, has a pretty solid LB:

    LB Effect & Duration
    Beauteous Sanctuary 5★ (20 LS) AoE physical damage (6x - 7.9x) w/ DEF scaling and (25% - 34%) damage mitigation for three turns
    Beauteous Sanctuary 6★ (24 LS) AoE physical damage (8x - 10.4x) w/ DEF scaling and (30% - 42%) damage mitigation for three turns
    Beauteous Sanctuary 7★ (30 LS) AoE physical damage (14x - 16.9x) w/ DEF scaling and (30% - 45%) damage mitigation for three turns

    With Sieg's DEF stat, this is a pretty decent nuke. While it won't do much against bosses perhaps unless it's at the end of a chain, it'll likely wipe mobs. Additionally, the mitigation goes to a respectable 42% if you max it at 6★, and it can be solid to use at thresholds, but if Sieg can tank the threshold nuke, you'll prefer to use his cover the previous turn in combination with one of the 90% mitigation moves. That being said, it isn't a bad LB by any means, but I wouldn't max it at 7★, use the pots elsewhere.

    Let's see Sieghard with a faint radiance:

    L Arm: Mighty Hammer

    R Arm: Genji Shield (what else are you even doing with your Star Quartz?)

    Head: Grand Helm

    Body: Maximilian (old, and also freely given recently)

    Accessory 1: Arsha's Talisman

    Accessory 2: Domino's Boots

    Materia: Hero's Vow - Earth

    Materia: Mechanical Heart

    Materia: Seed of Hope (recent Star Ocean event, yo)

    Materia: Seed of Hope

    Esper: Golem

    HP: 19,563 | MP: 386 | ATK: 341 | DEF: 1,184 | MAG: 216 | SPR: 527

    We use two Seeds of Hope here because two of them net a +20% HP (not bad) and ailment immunity (yoooo!), in addition to the Death immunity offered by Genji Shield, Sieg is naturally immune to Charm, meaning that only Stop concerns him.

    His HP is perfectly fine here, albeit without an HP enhancement on a weapon. MP isn't really an issue as none of Sieg's moves are overly expensive and he can't use multiple moves per turn. His DEF stat is excellent and his SPR stat means that should you be using him as a backup MAG tank, expect results akin to using Shylt/Mystea, although better, since they don't have the preposterous HP stat that Sieg does. Additionally, he has the 90% damage cooldown for thresholds, just keep it in mind.

    Now let's give Sieghard some brilliance:

    L Arm: Sledgehammer (DQ)

    R Arm: Malboro Shield (LMS shield is an okay ailment replacement, Impervious shield helps with elements)

    Head: Grand Helm+

    Body: King's Armor

    Accessory 1: Jake's Pirate Ring

    Accessory 2: Genbu Ring

    Materia: Hero's Vow - Earth

    Materia: Energy Converter

    Materia: H Armor Arts

    Materia: Gust Mane

    Esper: Golem

    HP: 23,179 | MP: 386 | ATK: 372 | DEF: 1,474 | MAG: 216 | SPR: 610

    Sieg's HP stat exceeds Willy's but is slightly behind Viktor's. However, his DEF peaks above theirs and is even higher if you're lucky enough to get Seal of Life and Arms on a Hammer or Mace during IW this week. I used Malboro Shield for ailent resistance, but using King's Armor in combination with a SoH, or using Impervious Shield with King's Armor for element resistance is a solid idea as well. The latter combination, and using Gust Mane - Leopold's TMR, which is the same as Patriotic recall but offers Wind resistance instead of Light - will give Sieg +20% Wind, +40% Fire, Water, Thunder, Water, Light, and Dark, and +170% Earth resistance in total. Pretty sweet, although this combo is available to anyone with use of H Armor and H Shield. If you use Ozetta's Armor or something instead, Sieg's DEF stat will remain in the same area while giving his SPR a boost of +65, which isn't a bad thing by any means. However... you'll still prefer that an actual magic tank deal with magical nukes. That being said, if you're in a trial fight where you can predict the different AoE mag/physical nukes on different turns, it's feasible that Sieg can be a Provoke, Magic, and Physical tank all in one fight, although Merc Ramza is a better choice for this type of turn management.

    Note that if you give Sieg L Armor and an L Shield, his SPR gets boosts instead, although not tot he levels of DEF that he has.

    Good luck with that mental gymnasium every turn though.

    Now that my fingers may finally rest, I promised rankings amongst the tanks in my prevous Role Call. Now, before we proceed, I must say the following:

    I dunno what I'll be doing next. A handful of Redditors have covered Healers already, Breakers and Buffers are in a spot in which either they suck, or they're great, with no real middle ground, and DPS is another animal entirely.

    I'll figure something out.

    Also, I preivously promised to do rankings, but I'm not sure how to do so in regards to Budget tanks. WoL, LMS, and Cagnazzo are the only serviceable 4★ physical Tanks in the game. Ozetta has no enhancements and is othewise meh, Libertus gets enhancements down the line that can make him an okay-ish unit, and Rasler... well, if you have WoL, you shouldn't be using Rasler. Period.

    Mag tanks on the other hand only come in three flavors at the moment: Mystea, who has a self-heal, AoE ailment immunity, and her sassier palette swap, Shylt, who offers Magical mitigation on top of whatever mitigation you already have, with the far more rare (and unlike ailments, you can't gear against it) Break resistance. Shatal is the last, and... no. Just no.

    Now, as to 5★ Tanks...

    Willy and Sieg are dedicated physical Tanks, as such, they have the highest HP and DEF to deal with physical hits, although Sieg can be used as a faux-Mag tank with the right setup. Viktor is an awesome DPS unit if necessary, and he has a five turn mitigated provoke, but no Cover, in a meta where that is absolutely necessary for most fights, unless CG Sara comes to bless us with Enhanced Retreat command (DO IT YOU COWARDS!).

    Blending the lines of these are Lilith, Basch, and M. Ramza, who offer DPS, Break Resistance, and element resistance for the former and Breaks for the latter two. All three can be fairly unkillable with balanced stats, although neither of the first two has a Provoke and Merc Ramza's requires enhancements to be good.

    Magic Tanks currently come in four flavors: A. Rain, Good Boi, Beryl, and White Knight Noel. And honestly... none of these are bad at their job. A. Rain can provide ailment resistance, buffs, and support, Good Boi has Buffs, Stop/Charm resistance, and has very high raw Heal output. Beryl is a weapon of mass destruction if geared right and has many chaining partners, White Knight Noel just has beastly stats and can out put magic damage as well, even if Tornado chains aren't ideal magical DPS at the moment (Barbie and Lexa I still love y'all).

    I had to edit out the rankings due to character limit, they'll be in a comment below.

    Index of my FFBE poop:

    Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 1: Intro to Physical Tanks

    Role Call Spec Edition: Tornado Hoes

    Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 2: Limited Provoke Tanks

    Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 3: Magic Tanks and You

    Role Call Ch. 1, Vol. 4: Almost last of the Rainbow Tanks!

    Edit: formatting and proofreading. Old to new Reddit and vice versa is poop.

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