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Welcome to the wiki-net. We’re casting it here.

The wiki-net is a concept for an exchange of information about wikis among neighboring wikis wikilandia-wide and cross wiki engine using syndication. The ‘wiki-net’ is the wiki about it.

Community-wiki: wiki-net

Read aggregated information about the ‘wiki-net’ on en-odd-center-wiki - 'wiki-net'.

Very very long ago. People invented the knot.
Then they invented the net.
It took thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

We invented the wiki-node recently.
The wiki-net is now to follow.

All wikis should join the wiki-net. Having a wiki-node in your wiki it’s already half way in it anyhow. ;)

We use irc.freenode #wikinet to chat.

Everybody can write everywhere here (= wiki). All you need is to [[use_a_state-of-the-art_browser?]]. Just click edit this page to the upper right on any page of this wiki. Or edit today's talk.

In the sand-box you can try wiki out. You find short wiki-instructions in it.
You should take a look at the [[messages_from_odd-wiki?]] before editing.

We prefer to use local names in this wiki but feel free to write as you please. CamelCase? works, for example WikiNode. But wiki-node reads better.

The ‘wiki-net’ sits in the odd-wiki-hive and runs on the free and open source oddmuse wiki software. Admitted, we also use not free software. The page about the 'wiki-net' tells how the ‘wiki-net’ came about.


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odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net'

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all spiders

The icons for the wiki-net pages in the wiki-net wiki-net have been fixed. Less cryptic now? There are still bigger and smaller spiders in the wiki-net column in the side-bar. But they’re all spiders.

2014-05-23 Face

odd-wiki-hive - 'wiki-net'

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home pages

There is a section home pages for the xxx-wiki now on the page connected web-services of all the current core wikis (~ a dozen+). It links to the home pages including the aggregation of a wiki. Home pages are located in the list wikis and center wikis for different languages of wiki hives as well as in the whoRthey-wiki. The icons for the home pages have been added to the side-bar.


pussy-riot-wiki - connected web-services [en]

Kilfi-wiki - connected web-services [en]

kabo-list-wiki - connected web-services [en]

en-odd-center-wiki - conneced web-services [en]

de-obm-Zentrum-wiki - verbundene web-Dienste [de]

Piraten-wiki - verbundene web-Dienste [de]

diki-wiki-hive - conneced web-services [en]


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