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Welcome to Tulsa Movie Maker

We are a group of people in Tulsa planning our next movie.

Feel free to post your tidbits of information about movie making. (Feel free to delete any spam that might slip in).

Tulsa movie-making events

Tulsa International Film Festival

We’re considering meeting at the "Gypsy Coffee House & Cyber Cafe" … Do you have any suggestions for a more convenient place?

What happened to the Saffron coffeehouse ? Have you seen Shades of Brown coffee ?

People in our group have some props and equipment that we would be happy to share.

I’ve been told that some movie makers make a series of “rough drafts” – a script, a penciled-in cartoon sketch, a rough take with actors in regular clothes while holding their script in one hand, a rough take with actors in regular clothes but attempting to move and handle the props appropriately, a first take with actors in costume … etc.

I’d like to do the same thing with this web site – start with a rough draft, in a form that is easy to revise, and easy for other people to help improve. Then make a bunch of improvements.

(At least leave a “hi” in the SandBox).

The TulsaMovieMaker wiki is currently "public domain". Anything you put here will be ruthlessly edited.

movie-making tips

There’s also oddwiki-center-en: Tulsa-movie-maker-wiki, the support page for this wiki in the oddwiki-center-en.

So does DMOZ: Filmmaking have any useful tips?

Extinction Level Event.com ( http://extinctionlevelevent.com/ ) is a project to create a realistic all-CG movie under a Creative Commons license. The forum has a bunch of tips that might be useful for your movie.

“Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely available to use however you please, under a Creative Commons license.” http://orange.blender.org/

So what do you think about http://firsttvdrama.com/ ?

I see that http://solatrium.com/ has clever ideas for shooting an ultra-low-budget movie.

The last page of Making an army of Gromit's (Claymation Mold making) has a bunch of tips for making stop-action movies.

"THE PECULIARS | an indie superhero film" looks pretty cool. Alas, I never even heard about it until long after it was canceled. Is there anything we can learn from this?

Is xkcd author Randall Munroe serious about his ideas for a mindless action movie?

Hey, I hear that James Farr is in Tulsa.

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