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pann / ansikte

pann - ansikte

oversett på Svensk, tak.

The oddwiki-centrum-sv is a meeting-point for all people and wikis on the [OddWiki? odd-wiki]-hive.

A wiki-kupa is a place where everybody can make a new wiki for whatever purpose instantly and without having to ask anybody for permission.

To create a new wiki go to oddwiki: start-up.

For oddwiki to be fun [UseAStateOfTheArtBrowser? use a state-of-the-art browser], please.

How oddwiki works: (click the image to enlarge)


Community-wiki is the meta-meta-wiki behind the oddwiki-hive.

We use the oddwiki-centrum-sv to make people communicate with the developers and amongst each others, to organize the hive, write how to´s, etc. Feel free to join in.

We use an own wiki just to list the active wikis on the oddwiki-hive called oddwiki-list.

oddwiki-hive: home-page still has to be worked in here.

A homepage for you is most welcome here. A homepage for your oddwiki is most welcome on oddwiki-list and here.

If you have an idea for a new wiki put it on [IdeasForWikis? ideas for wikis].

If you’d like to make your wiki a bliki follow [HowToMakeYourOwnBliki? how to make your own bliki?]

We do also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] here - but feel free to write like you want to.


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