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soup, explained

http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.317.png The soup of the main wiki in the odd-wiki-hive
Read the page soup without explanations.

This page contains an inclusion of the soup of the main wiki in the odd-wiki-hive. The ingredients of the soup are:

The page yahoo - pipes odd-wiki-hive - soup prevents duplicates by holding back the changes that also do exist as day-pages. The yahoo pipe provides the soup-feed soup-feed. It is included into the page soup.

This page includes the changes-feeds and the feeds for the various day-page-sets directly without aggregating and filtering them in yahoo pipes. Therefore day-pages are double listed: with the page summary and in full text.

The feed for a day-page-set is automatically deactivated when no day-page in it has been edited for 90 days. Creating a new day-page reactivates the feed. Inactive feeds in this wiki are listed as No items found in … at the beginning of the inclusion below.

The soup-feed is more over included into most of our connected web-services and into the pages:

The soup of which wikis do we lick? Who is licking [1] the soup of the main wiki in the odd-wiki-hive? See the page odd-list-wiki - wiki-net soups.

To update this page force a refresh, please.

our soup

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This page includes the recent 20 changes to the soup of the main wiki in the odd-wiki-hive. To see earlier changes click the page
soup.io - odd-wiki-hive soup.io - odd-wiki-hive, scroll down and touch the bottom margin.

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