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Bliki (blog+wiki)

(originally published at Social Synergy Weblog)

From now on, in all of the posts that I make here in this blog, as well as posts to Cooperation Commons and Smartmobs, and original writings to any WebAssistant TeleCommunity, I am going to include a link to this site, which is called a "bliki" in terminology invented by Ward Cunningham.

So, what is a bliki, and why am I doing this? From the OddWiki-Center:

“A bliki is a wiki in sheep’s clothing.

Bliki is an experiment in modifying wiki in order to make it more attracting to many users. It started with the day-pages, the go-to-bar, xtof’s bliki and the fete-d’internet-wiki css-dressing-up nicely for the party, building the tools-bar, moving edit today’s page to the upper right corner, renaming the wiki-forum to recent day-pages, giving the edit links a little olor, ready was the bliki.

We don’t know yet if it works.

A bliki is a wiki. Fullstop. For the beginning a new brand name bliki sounds cool and works, but you soon realize it’s all just toothpaste. So don’t stress on the dualism wiki/bliki too much.”

Some people are attempting to use these experimental “blikis” as a blog. I am doing something similar, but also a little different. I am taking blog postings that I have made elsewhere and copying them to the Social Synergy Bliki on a “day-page”. Then, I am linking to this daypage from the front HomePage.

The purpose in doing this will be to (hopefully) create fuel matter for a WikiCarburator. I recently got involved with the CommunityWiki. They are exploring a number of ideas related to collaboration, cooperation, virtual communities, and social software of many different types. This all happens within an organic, community-wide “jam session” centered around wiki software. They practice with, and expand, and explore many of the concepts that first emerged within the WikiWikiWeb and Meatball Wiki (many CommunityWiki contributors are also Meatball Wiki Contributors).

I joined CommunityWiki? to learn by doing, and explore how I can apply WikiWay concepts to many of the different projects I am working on, and vice-versa. I plan on using knowledge already gathered in WikiWikiWeb, MeatBall Wiki, CommunityWiki, Wikipedia, Metacollab Wiki, P2P Foundation Wiki, and other knowledge commons to help inform content that is in the Social-Synergy-Bliki. Ultimately, I also hope other bloggers will occasionally or even regularly import their own related blog content to the Social-Synergy-Bliki, or to create their own bliki, and post a link to it here.

Why import blog content into the bliki? I like the tools in typepad and other blogging software that allows me to ping other blog sites. I like the different advantages to using a blog as a way to communicate my thoughts as a kind of “outboard brain”(see: OutboardBrain). Yet, I also like the inherent TheoryBuilding? found in different active wiki communities. So, the “bliki” is a bridge between the blogosphere, and possibly other SocialSoftware and networks of wikis (WikiNode).

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Sam, I think your way sounds good. It is a question I am grappling with also. Additionally, how to handle comments/questions/etc. I think they go on the date page and link to the object.

Is there the ability to point to an anchor within a bliki page? Best, MarkDilley?

SamRose: So far it seems to make sense to post links to day-pages on the HomePage, although I am always open to changing it if someone helps see the light :)

I think I am going to just try to work with people commenting basically wherever they want within a given page. I just request that people keep comments on the same page as what they are commenting about.

I really like the anchor feature in Communitywiki. I have been trying to figure out how to do that here myself.

MattisManzel: sounds good, let’s try.

MattisManzel: Picture for the banner rocks!

SamRose: Thanks Mattis. I found it by searching Wiki-media-commons with the word “connection”.

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