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A emplacement for my discussion with Mattis, because I’ve full questions demanded of you :)

I’m just newbie in the world of Bliki, and the wiki. And I’m real sorry for my little english language, again sorry.

1ere Question: Can u help for learn serve the language wiki, the world of wikis, etc… ?

MattisManzel?: Biensur que je te peut aider. :)

2eme Question: In first time, question technical, can u help me for do in my bliki commentprefix, and explique why and because install this ? I think u use in your Bliki, isn’t it ?

MattisManzel?: No Sidoine. I don’t use the comment prefix on the blikified wikis I started. I use day-page sets. I can set up talk as a day-page set here if you like. Xtof as clairement dit que “talk” ne marche pas en Francais. C’est un peut triste, parche que c’est plus court et plus internationale de “bavardage”. Nous l’avont déja en Allemand et en Italien.

3eme Question: MegaThx? for the changements, it’s cool. How use talk page ? Have u a tutorial about “talk”? And, how I can posted a image in the bliki ([img][/img]) ? Again thank for ur help :)

MattisManzel?: Image is simply the url of the image (use Flikr rather than upload pictures to the wiki itself, that evites traffic and cost for For right-hand placement use [[image/right:url]].

Ok, I make talk, if the French soul rebells we can always change it to PagesBavardage?.

4eme Question: I want do a new debat/discussion in a theme of culture. The page created, but when I want edit, it note: Edit Denied

The page contains banned text.

Contact the wiki administrator for more information.

Rule “^[A-Za-z].* .*\n$” matched “La culture est-elle, selon vous, un facteur de division ou d’union entre les hommes ? “ on this page. See BannedContent? for more information.

Can u help me, because I don’t understand, because is blocked ?

MattisManzel?: As tu écrit deux lignes? MessagesDOddWiki

SidoineBaratte?: No I don’t had write 2 lignes, now is do, now the page is right, mega-thank Mattis

5eme Question: Mattis, just a last question, I’ve a problems with the “mise en page” of my write, I can’t do a beautifull structure. Can u see “Débat sur la culture”, in “les discussions” ? Advance thx

MattisManzel?: Yes. But you’re probably on Internet Explorer. Through that one out of your window and install firefox. - Then you can see it.

There is a new centralized css that works better with Internet Explorer than the one you use here. The oddwiki-centre-fr uses it. Shall we apply it to your wiki too? I’d really like to.

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