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This page should help you configure your Odd Wiki.

Text Formatting Rules

The documentation is spread over various pages: Oddmuse:Text Formatting Rules, Oddmuse:Link Pattern, Oddmuse:Markup Extension, Oddmuse:Usemod Markup Extension, Oddmuse:Image Extension.

Furthermore, all pages starting with a hash sign (#) are shown as preformatted texts. This usually works quite well for all kinds of scripts.

Deleting Pages

You can mark a page for deletion by putting DeletedPage on the first line of the page. You can create a page called DeletedPage on your wiki where you explain how page deletion works.

After 14 days pages marked for deletion are deleted.

When there are no more pages left on the wiki, it will be deleted.

Comment Pages

To enable comments, edit the CommentsPrefix page, and put the prefix on the page (eg. “Comments on” or “Talk about”).

URL Abbreviations

You can define URL abbreviations the InterMap page of your wiki. On the page, every line beginning with exactly one space, followed by a capitalized word, another space, and ending with a partial URL is the definition of an URL Abbreviation.

Note that Main and Self and all the other wikis listed on the Status page are automatically defined. Examples: Main:Forum, Self:action=index.

More documentation: Oddmuse:URL Abbreviations.

Near Links

For near links to work, you need to create the page NearMap. On the page, every line beginning with exactly one space, followed by a valid URL abbreviation (must match an entry on the InterMap!), and an URL that returns a plain text list of all pages on the remote site is the definition of a near wiki.

The list of pages on the near wikis is cached locally and refreshed whenever maintenance runs. Maintenance will be run every 24h by a cron-job. There is nothing you need to do.

More documentation: Oddmuse:Near Links.

Warning: If you end up on the RecentChanges page of another wiki, remove all entries from the NearMap and save. Then go back to your RecentChanges page, edit it, replace “Describe the new page here” with a sentence or two, save, and restore your NearMap page. Everything should be ok now.

Twin Pages

Logos for twin pages are controlled by an option in the config file. This option is currently set to http://www.emacswiki.org/pics/%s.png. If you want more logos to show up in http://www.emacswiki.org/pics/, you’ll have to send mailto:alex@emacswiki.org and discuss it.

Twin pages are listed at the bottom of each page, if they exist. At the bottom of RecentChanges, for example, it says: “The same page on other sites”.

More documentation: Oddmuse:SisterSiteLogoUrl


You need to create the page SideBar. Notice that it is usually considered polite to put an edit link on the sidebar. Here’s one way to do it: [Self:action=edit;id=SideBar edit]

More documentation: Oddmuse:Sidebar Extension.


Self:action=calendar will link to a yearly calendar. Here’s one way to do it: [Self:action=calendar archive]

If you put month:+0 in your sidebar, you’ll have a convenient calendar for the current month. month:+1 will show you the calendar for the next month.

Self:action=new will link to an edit page for the current date. Here’s one way to do it: [Self:action=new edit today's page]

More documentation: Oddmuse:Calendar Extension.

Banned Content, Banned Hosts

The BannedContent and BannedHosts? is automatically linked into every namespace. You cannot edit it without the administrator password. Even if you had it, however, it would be overwritten every 24h with the original. The BannedContent page is copied from EmacsWiki:BannedContent.

More documentation: Oddmuse:Banning, BannedContentDiscussion

Setting up your own Oddmuse farm

This is for people wanting to start their own wiki hive or wiki farm: Oddmuse version and modules used (to download them, get the modules from the odd scripts directory, and the Oddmuse script “current.pl” and the wrapper script “odd.pl” from the main scripts directory), config file, CSS used, maintenance script (runs from a cron-job every 24h), Default Homepages (installed automatically by the maintenance script).

There’s also a fair amount of URL rewriting involved. You’ll have to adapt this carefully. Make sure it works without URL rewriting before attempting it!

EditNearLinks: RecentChanges BannedContentDiscussion

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