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The face of the sand-diki

To edit click edit today's page face.
Or click a day in the face-calendar or click the date in the title of a day-entry to open the page. If not yet in edit-mode click edit this page to the right.

The page face / wider calendar provides a wider view. The full calendar gives access to all day-pages.

Our face

The wikis that are currently watching our face

our face

2006-10-04 06h49 Face

odd-wiki-hive / sand-diki: face

The sand-diki has been the one the day-page idea was first implemented on in May 2006. It’s now being adapted to the day-page sets that have been developed since then.

old: 2006-05 Mattis Manzel made the sand-diki. The idea for it emerged on community-wiki: wiki-carburator.

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