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< : You reach the page [[front - face]] of the [[queer-center-wiki]] clicking the yellow title or the logo:


> : You reach the page [[front - face]] of the [[queer-center-wiki]] clicking the yellow title or the logo

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You reach the page front - face of the queer-center-wiki clicking the yellow title ↑ or the logo →

web-site list The day-page-set for the list of web-sites with a home page in the queer-center-wiki
Read the page web-site list, explained.

The xxx list in which wikis do we watch? Who is watching the web-site list in the queer-center-wiki? See the wiki-net lists wiki-net lists.

edit the day-page web-site list for today edit the day-page web-site list for today

2014-07-24 WebSiteList

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web-site list odd-wiki-hive - queer-center-wiki - web-site list web-site-list-feed [en]+[xx]-

Lgbt web-sites are included into their home pages in the queer-center-wiki. Find the feeds for the web-sites listed on the page
web-site feeds web-site feeds.

Pics:Pic.39.png ← = is included into the queer-center-wiki from the web-site xxx


  1. queer-center-wiki - queer-center-wiki, the center-wiki for lgbt web-sites
    odd-list-wiki - queer-center-wiki [en]+[xx]-

other lgbt web-sites:

  1. facebook group queer-center-wiki, discuss and help use the wiki
    facebook - group queer-center-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  2. facebook page LGBT, the first facebook page for lgbt people and their supporters
    facebook - page LGBT [en]
  3. facebook page LGBT Equality World Wide, everything we post, you will not like
    facebook - page LGBT Equality World Wide [en]+[xx]-
  4. gay-Halifax-wiki, a wiki for the rainbow community in Halifax, Canada [en]
  5. LGBT History UK, a wiki documenting lgbt life in the United Kingdom throughout the ages [en]
  6. WikiQueer, a wiki by the Aequalitas Project [en]

The page facebook about lgbt merges the facebook groups lgbt and the facebook pages lgbt listed above.

The page news lgbt news lgbt merges news by the press:

  1. The Guardian lgbt - lgbt
  2. LGBTQ Nation

and news by search queries for news:

  1. google - news lgbt [xx]
  2. yahoo - news lgbt [xx]
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