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The open-event-wiki is a wiki for all kind of open offline- or online-hokuspokus scheduled at a certain time. Big buckets first. ;)

Read more about it on open event.

Read aggregated information about the open-event-wiki on odd-wiki-center: open-event-wiki.

The open-event-wiki sits on the odd-wiki-hive. It runs on the Oddmuse wiki-engine (formatting rules) and was created in January 2006.

This wiki is multilingual. Currently the main working language is English.
You should take a look at the messages from odd-wiki before editing.

our open-event-wiki-blog

Click blog to see the blog only and to edit the day-page-set.

2006-10-25 Blog

open-event-wiki: blog

Open events is taking the spirit of the open source movement into real-life

People come together, have fun, nobody owns it, all share on the costs, who wants contributes, the results of it are public, get documented and belong to everybody.

Open events isn’t but a little idea for an OpenDinner that finally didn’t even turn out. But who knows what follows next?

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