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all wikis The day-page-set for the list of wikis in the odd-wiki-hive
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2014-09-20 AllWikis

odd-wiki-hive - odd-list-wiki

all wikis [[odd-wiki-hive_-_odd-list-wiki_-_all_wikis?]] all-wikis-feed [en]

The list of wikis in the [[odd-wiki-hive?]] with a home page in the [[odd-list-wiki?]]:


  1. css-sand-wiki, test the css in odd-wiki
    → odd-list-wiki - css-sand-wiki [en]
  2. day-page-sand-wiki, test day-page-sets in odd-wiki
    → odd-list-wiki - day-page-sand-wiki [en]
  3. de-odd-leeres-wiki, copy the wiki-net page skeleton into a new odd-wiki
    → odd-Listen-wiki - de-odd-leeres-wiki [de]
  4. [[de-odd-Sand-wiki?]], test odd-wiki
    → odd-Listen-wiki - de-odd-Sand-wiki [de]
  5. de-odd-Zentrum-wiki, support for the odd-wikis in German
    → [[odd-Listen-wiki_-_de-odd-Zentrum-wiki?]] [de]
  6. [[en-odd-center-wiki?]], support for the odd-wikis in English
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_en-odd-center-wiki?]] [en]
  7. en-odd-empty-wiki, copy the wiki-net page skeleton into a new odd-wiki
    → odd-list-wiki - en-odd-empty-wiki [en]
  8. [[en-odd-sand-wiki?]], test odd-wiki
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_en-odd-sand-wiki?]] [en]
  9. fr-odd-centre-wiki, support for odd-wikis in French
    → odd-liste-wiki - fr-odd-centre-wiki [fr]
  10. fr-odd-wiki-à-sable, test odd-wiki
    → odd-liste-wiki - fr-odd-wiki-à-sable [fr]
  11. it-odd-centro-wiki, support for odd-wikis in Italian
    → odd-lista-wiki - it-odd-centro-wiki [it]
  12. no-odd-sentrum-wiki, for odd-wikis in Norwegian
    → odd-list-wiki - no-odd-sentrum-wiki [no]
  13. [[odd-list-wiki?]], aggregates the wikis in the main wiki
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_odd-list-wiki?]] [en]
  14. odd-wiki-hive, the main wiki
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_odd-wiki-hive?]] [en]
  15. raw-sand-wiki, test odd-wiki without css
    → odd-list-wiki - raw-sand-wiki [en]


  1. city-wiki-center, for city-wikis
    → odd-list-wiki - city-wiki-center [en]
  2. Länder-wiki-Zentrum, for German language wikis about countries, regions, continents
    → odd-Listen-wiki - Länder-wiki-Zentrum [de]
  3. language-simple-center-wiki, for wikis on simplified written languages
    → odd-list-wiki - language-simple-center-wiki [en]+[xx]-
  4. political-wiki-center, for political wikis
    → odd-list-wiki - political-wiki-center [en]
  5. [[queer-center-wiki?]], for queer wikis
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_queer-center-wiki?]] [en]
  6. wiki-camp-center, for conferences, camps and events with a strong tie to “wiki”
    → odd-list-wiki - wiki-camp-center [en]

personal wikis

  1. Hans-Wobbe-wiki
    → odd-list-wiki - Hans-Wobbe-wiki [en]
  2. [[Mattis-Manzel-wiki?]]
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_Mattis-Manzel-wiki?]] [en]+[de]-

other wikis

  1. Agordino-wiki, the Agordino-valley in the Italian alps
    → odd-lista-wiki - Agordino-wiki [it]
  2. collab-editor-wiki, organizing collab-editor projects
    → odd-list-wiki - collab-editor-wiki [en]
  3. collective-problem-solving-wiki, facilitating the creation and use of online problem-solving environments
    → odd-list-wiki - collective-problem-solving-wiki [en]
  4. computer-component-wiki, is it any cheaper to buy each part of a computer and assemble it yourself?
    → odd-list-wiki - computer-component-wiki [en]
  5. cool-headz-wiki, linguistics, politics, other cool shit
    → odd-list-wiki - cool-headz-wiki [en]
  6. Deutsch-einfach-wiki, a simplified written German language
    → odd-Listen-wiki - Deutsch-einfach-wiki [de]
  7. English-simple-wiki, a simplified written English language
    → odd-list-wiki - English-simple-wiki [en]
  8. Ethno-wiki, ethnology
    → odd-Listen-wiki - Ethno-wiki [de]
  9. fête-internet-wiki, the French Internet Fiesta - Fête de l’Internet
    → odd-liste-wiki - fête-internet-wiki [fr]
  10. hiv-wiki-de, the human immunodeficiency virus and everything related
    → odd-Listen-wiki - hiv-wiki-de [de]
  11. hiv-wiki-en, the human immunodeficiency virus and everything related
    → odd-list-wiki - hiv-wiki-en [en]
  12. Ishtar-wiki, Stirling Newberry’s experimental novel project
    → odd-list-wiki - Ishtar-wiki [en]
  13. Italiano-semplice-wiki, a simplified written Italian language
    → odd-lista-wiki - Italiano-semplice-wiki [it]
  14. lady-wiki, lady-issues, a female point of view wiki
    → odd-list-wiki - lady-wiki [en]
  15. lehr-mich-wiki, organizing real-time online lessons using collab-editor and VoIP
    → odd-Listen-wiki - lehr-mich-wiki [de]
  16. mad-scientist-wiki, clanking robots, carnivorous plants, world domination. Welcome our new overlord(s)
    → odd-list-wiki - mad-scientist-wiki [en]
  17. Melbourne-wiki, a city-wiki for Melbourne, Australia
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_Melbourne-wiki?]] [en]
  18. Norsk-enkelt-wiki, a simplified written Norwegian language
    → odd-list-wiki - Norsk-enkelt-wiki [no]
  19. open-event-wiki, all kind of open offline- or online-hokuspokus scheduled at a certain time
    → odd-list-wiki - open-event-wiki [en]
  20. Religions-wiki, all religions coexist
    → odd-Listen-wiki - Religions-wiki [de]
  21. sand-diki, try out “diki” providing a feed for every single contribution
    → odd-list-wiki - sand-diki [en]
  22. schicki-micki-wiki, chic and fashion and such
    → odd-Listen-wiki - schicki-micki-wiki [de]
  23. social-synergy-wiki, explore, develop and interconnect concepts and applications from multiple disciplines
    → odd-list-wiki - social-synergy-wiki [en]
  24. [[software-bazaar-wiki?]], post requests for software. Help cobble together solutions.
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_software-bazaar-wiki?]] [en]
  25. Stuttgart-wiki, Stuttgart in south-west Germany
    → odd-Listen-wiki - Stuttgart-wiki [de]
  26. [[Sylt-wiki?]], the island Sylt in the very north of Germany
    → [[odd-Listen-wiki_-_Sylt-wiki?]] [de]
  27. teach-me-wiki, organizing real-time online lessons using collab-editor and VoIP
    → odd-list-wiki - teach-me-wiki [en]
  28. ting-camp-wiki, taking BarCamp online ‘n in real-time
    → odd-list-wiki - ting-camp-wiki [en]
  29. Trondheim-wiki, Trondheim in Norway
    → odd-list-wiki - Trondheim-wiki [no]
  30. Tulsa-movie-maker-wiki, a group of people in Tulsa planning their next movie
    → odd-list-wiki - Tulsa-movie-maker-wiki [en]
  31. [[Venezia-wiki?]], Venice in Italy
    → odd-lista-wiki - Venezia-wiki [it]
  32. [['wiki-net'?]], a concept for connecting wikis to one big organism
    → [[odd-list-wiki_-_'wiki-net'?]] [en]
  33. wikilandia-guide, writing a wikilandia-wide cross-engine syntax guide
    → odd-list-wiki - wikilandia-guide [en]
  34. world-jam-wiki, make worldwide real-time online jam-sessions via VoIP work
    → odd-list-wiki - world-jam-wiki [en]

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