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Stjerne / sikte

stjerne - ansikte

oddwiki-center-no er en treffpunkt for alle folk og wikier i [OddWiki? odd-wiki]-kuben.

En wiki-kub er et sted hvor all folk kan lage seg en ny wiki for whatever purpose instantly and without having to ask anybody for permission.

For at lage en ny wiki gå på oddwiki: start-up. For at “blikifisere” den følj på hvordan lage sin egen bliki?

For oddwiki to be fun [UseAStateOfTheArtBrowser? use a state-of-the-art browser], please.

Hvordan fungerer oddwiki: (click the image to enlarge)

hvordan oddwiki fungerer

Community-wiki is the meta-meta-wiki behind the oddwiki-hive.

We use the oddwiki-center to make people communicate with the developers and amongst each others, to organize the hive, write how to´s, etc. Feel free to join in.

We use the oddwiki-list to list the active wikis on the oddwiki-hive.

We tightly collaborate with the [OddWikiSentrumPåAndereSpråk? oddwiki-sentrum' på andere språk].

The oddwiki-hive: home-page still has to be worked in here.

A homepage for you is most welcome here. A homepage for your Norwegian oddwiki is most welcome here and on oddwiki-list.

If you have an idea for a new wiki put it on [IdeerForWikier? ideer for wikier].

We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] here - but feel free to write like you want to (certainly CamelCase? works here, for example StjerneSide).


Click [SikteSider? sikte] to see the sikte only and to edit the day-page-set.

Define external redirect: CamelCase OddWiki CleanLinking SikteSider UseAStateOfTheArtBrowser OddWikiSentrumPåAndereSpråk IdeerForWikier