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2007-09-04 Face

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I spent another busy summer on the wiki-net and it seems center-wikis are where the power of the wiki-net first unfolds

Center-wikis give an overview. They gather wikis of a certain context. A center-wiki has home pages for the different wikis it gathered in it. A center-wiki puts out a feed about the current wikis with a home page in it. You see the changes to a gathered wiki transcluded into its home page. A center-wiki puts out a wiki-list-feed containing all the wikis it gathered that is fed to other wikis displaying it on their pages “wiki-net wiki-lists”: For example obm-wiki-hive / sl-camp-wiki or odd-wiki-hive / political-wiki-center or odd-wiki-hive / hive-wiki or odd-wiki-hive / city-wiki-center.

Good summer, cool.

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