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Welcome to the Ishtar Wiki, which is a test wiki associated with the A World Without Fire novel and other stories from the same universe, or as the inhabitants would say anki. The home blog is here and discussion of the project often occurs here. If you like, sign in on the fan page. If you want to edit, you should create a user profile.


The universe of the planet Ishtar is the setting for a range of stories, spread out over centuries, that cover the history and civilization of the planet Venus in an alternate solar system where Venus, rather than Earth, is the habitable planet. How humans and Terran life were planted, or transplanted, there isn’t known to the inhabitants of the planet, but the carry with them aspects of the cultures on Earth from which they came.

The universe of “A World Without Fire” has two worlds so far, one which is Earth starting in 1866, and the other which is set on a “Venus”, but in a universe where the suns light is less, and therefore [[Venus?]], and not Earth, is in the center of the “Zone of Life”. There are differences between Ishtar’s solar system and our own, the most important of which is that their third planet has no moon.

The Ishtari calendar systems are also quite complex, the most common of which is the Long Count, based on the synodic period of their Earth, which they call Lucifer, and Venus. They also have two Islamic calendars based on the movement of Icaraus, which is their [[Mercury?]]. The Ishtari year is called an anna or plural “annae”.

Ishtar’s major nations include the [[Latin_Republic?]], the Hellenic states which are often refered to as Helos for the most dominant city, the Kentauri Caliphate, the Aztec Empire, the [[Vedic_Kingdoms?]], Germania Borealis, and Germania Australe.

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Short Stories


*Vital Rays Long Count 998.11 University of Wessex, Germania Borealis *Pressing Ones Luck Long Count 998.11 University of Wessex, Germanial Borealis (new!) *The Liquid Burn Long Count 931.2 Cobal, Mayan States

Novels in Progress


Queenmaker Page

*Chapter I Election Day Long Count 998.8, Al-Quareshi, Kentauri Caliphate *Chapter II Unquenchable Fire Long Count 998.8, Al-Quareshi, Kentaurus, Kentauri Caliphate *Interlude Fruit of the Poison Tree Long Count 994.9 Pradesh, Vedic Kingdoms (New! First Part)

"A World Without Fire"

A Note on Isthar Time

Chapter I Teloikopolis Long Count 998.11.90-998.11.95 *I Alpha *I Beta *I Gamma *I Delta *I Epsilon *I Zeta *I Eta *I Theta *I Iota *I Kappa *I Lamdba *I Mu *I Nu *I Xi *I Omicron *I Pi *I Rho

Chapter II Berlin, Prussia & London, England 10 April 1866 - 3 June 1866 *II A *II B New! *II C New! *II D New! *II E New! *II F New!

"L'Origine du Monde"

Chapter I - India 3 April 1871 - 15 April 1871

*1 A *1 B *1 C *1 D *1 E *2 A

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  • anki
  • Arcana – City where the Agora of Magic is, where the most recognized councile of mages is located. On the Eastern edge of the Upper Hellenic Sea, not far from Kentaurus
  • [[Acts_on_Ishar?]] – One of three sacred texts of the Christians on Ishtar, describes the acts of Ishtari Apostles in the first 10 annae after the Rapture.
  • Albertus Trimarus – ([[995.7?]] - )Mage Teloikoplis, map maker and astromancer.
  • [[Amalthea_Euphrates?]] – ([[987.4?]] – [[998.11?]]) One of the elders of the Cult of Eleari.
  • Anna(e), anna - Ishtari (and Venus) year.
  • [[Apocolypse_of_St._John?]] – Last, and oldest, of the four holy books of the Christians, decribes the end of the world. Some believe that the end of the world had already happened and that Ishtari are the “Raptured”. Others believe that the end of the world is yet to come. Schism between the “Millenarians” who fore see the coming of the end times, and the “Rapturites” who believe that Ishtar is the Kingdom of Heavan and they are warring against the Anti-Christ.
  • [[Arisophocles?]] – Poet
  • Arthur Auwers – Historical Figure, Astronomer in Berlin
  • [[Berlin?]] – In 1866 capital of the Kingdom of Prussia.
  • calendar, also see A Note on Isthar Time
  • ChiShan - Chinese state at the North Eastern corner of the Ocean Haram and bounded by the Tethys Ocean.
  • Crescent Sea - Northern Sea that has Ocean Tethys to the East, Ocean Persephone to the West and Ocean Haram to the South.
  • [[David_Desideradas?]] – Ishtaran Biologist, discovered heredity.
  • Earth – Third Planet from the sun in our solar system.
  • [[Eclipitcal?]] – Plane of a planet’s orbit, Venus’ Ecliptic is close to ours.
  • [[Ecodotus?]] – Traveller who collected his observations in a series of scrolls that were collected as “My Inquiries”
  • [[Eleara?]] – Goddess of the fire cult, origin of name unknown.
  • Esios – Ancient Ishtaran poet, best known for Theogony
  • [[Eupresis,_The?]] – The series of catastrophes which struck the Mer Centralis, culminating in a series of large volcanic eruptions that halved the population of the Latin and Hellenic lands, wiped out cities, sunk islands and began the long “Burning Age”
  • [[Europa_Ocean?]] – Southern Ocean of Ishtar
  • Faithful, the
  • [[Florence_Nightengale?]] – Historical Person, invented medical statistics and “nursing”.
  • [[Germania_Australia?]] – “Northern German Lands” confederation ruled over by one wave of peoples from our Europe.
  • [[Germania_Borealia?]] – “Southern German Lands” Constitutional Monarchy bordering the Latin Republic, currently at war with them.
  • [[Germanicus_Aurealus?]] –Author of commentaries on Gospels and other religious texts, consider the founder of comparative religious studies on Ishtar.
  • [[Gilgamesh_Trilogy?]] – Only Anonymous play cycle ever to win first prize. The author is not any famous playwright or known author.
  • Gnostic Gospel – Second of Four holy books of Christians on Ishtar, claims that Christ was never on Ishtar, taken as primary text by the Rapturians.
  • [[Gospels?]] – Collectively the Synoptic Gospel, the Gnostic Gospel, The Acts on Ishtar, The Apocolypse of St. John
  • Hajj - 500 Member Parliament of the Kentauri Caliphate.
  • [[Heinrich_Ludwig_d’Arrest?]] – Historical figure, German Astronomer who codiscovered Uranus, several hundred deep space objects and a comet.
  • [[Hellenic_Sea?]] – Southern sea in the Mer Centralis
  • [[Helmut_Wegener?]] – Ishtaran Historian of technology.
  • Helos – Major city of the Hellenic lands, site of nominal “pan-hellenic” government which is about as powerful as the EU is in Earth.
  • [[Hipposemnos?]] – Commander of Hellenic fleet in the Helos-Latin War, which began the Euphresis
  • [[Iapetus?]] - Main continent of Ishtar, runs roughly east-west.
  • Icaraus - the alternate Mercury.
  • [[Ishtari_Day?]] – Isthar rotates retrograde every 18 hours 59 minutes
  • Ishtar – Name for the alternate Venus.
  • [[John_of_Egdon?]]
  • [[Joseph_Lister?]] – Historical figure, known for his theory that bacteria caused lethal infection in surgery, and therefore antiseptic means should be used to combat it.
  • Kentauri Caliphate - An state on the easternmost subcontinent of Iapetus, running south to the island chains of the Ocean Haram, currently at war with a minor principality to their south.
  • [[Kenturi?]] – Name for the Farsi seeking people of the Ketauri Caliphate, a minority from which the ruling class is mostly drawn.
  • [[Kinematics?]] – Ishtaran name for the three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation. The Ishtari call them the three principles of motion and the theory of universal gravitation.
  • [[Konigsberg?]] – On Earth, astronomical center and University town.
  • [[Latia?]] – Main city of the Latin people, approximately 300,000 population and one of the largest cities on Ishtar. Rebuilt twice.
  • [[Latin_Republic?]] – Technically “The New Republic”, centered on Latia, as opposed to “The Old Republic” and “The Restored Republic”. Approximately 130 million people.
  • Long Count - Date system of Ishtar, based on 13 counts of annae in the form trisdekad.annae.day.
  • Lucifer – Third Planet in Ishtaran solar system. Name of a god or spirit who is the enemy of Marduk.
  • [[Magisticus (Malachai Jander)
  • Marduk – Creator God, identified with Archangel Michael by Christians and “the Faithful”
  • [[Mayan?]] – The Maya are a powerful, if disorganized, set of peoples on the Western edge of the main continent of Ishtar.
  • Mer Centralis – Central Sea, around which the Hellenes, Latins, Germans and Norse live.
  • [[Moon?]], moon – Sattelite of Earth, not present in Ishtaran solar system.
  • Ocean Haram – Sacred Ocean, name for the body of water bounded by three subcontinents]] – considered off limits to infidels, if it can be enforced.
  • Ocean Persephone – Northern Ocean which the Mer Centralis is part of.
  • [[Ocean_Rhea?]] – Bounded Ocean in the Southern part of Ishtar
  • [[Ocean_Tethys?]] – Large Northern Ocean on Ishtar.
  • [[Saga_of_Gladir?]] – Most complete of the Ishtari sagas of their Norse peoples.
  • [[Sigma_Draconis?]] – Ishtari name for hgh frequency electricity, such as would come from a tessla coil.
  • [[Similisaster?]] – Ishtaran philospher whose dogma of “Deep Truth” has gained favor with the young on Ishtar.
  • [[Sophadora?]] – Historian and author of the most famous works on the Euprhesis.
  • [[St._Adolphus?]] the White
  • the Stone Tree
  • [[Synoptic_Gospel?]] – Gospel which sets the Christ’s life on Ishtar in the Latin Republic. Contains most of the moral injunctions of the Christian faith, considered the primary work by Millenarians.
  • [[Teloikopolis?]] – Famous University city at the extreme south end of the Hellenic States, also a trading and printing center.
  • Thaumaturgy – On Ishtar, the magical study of electricity
  • [[Theogony?]] – Creation of the gods, most famous work of Esios.
  • [[Trisdekad?]] - 13 anna, it is equal to almost exactly 8 years. To find time in terran years, it is easiest to simply multiply the first number of the Long Count by 8.
  • [[Venus?]] – The second planet in our solar system, covered by sulfur dioxide atmosphere that produces a surface temperature of 700 degrees and pressure of 60 atmospheres
  • [[Vironymous_Magnus?]]
  • Zone of Life

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