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front - face

front - face

The hiv-wiki-en is about hiv (the human immunodeficiency virus), the consequences, therapies, personal stories, everything related. Read more about it on the page [[hiv?]].

This wiki is mpov = mulitiple point of view. Tolerance is the core value here. Neutrality is appreciated.

Read aggregated information about the hiv-wiki-en on [[en-odd-center-wiki_-_hiv-wiki-en?]].

You’d like to start a hiv-wiki in your language? We can help on that, just talk to us, please.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short wiki instructions in it. There is no registration required for contributing the hiv-wiki-en. You can type your name in a box before saving a page but you don’t have to.

You should take a look at the [[messages_from_odd-wiki?]] before editing.

The hiv-wiki sits in the [[odd-wiki-hive?]] and runs on the free / open source Oddmuse wiki software.
We prefer to use local names in the hiv-wiki-en but feel free to write as you please. CamelCase? works - for example WikiNode - but wiki-node reads better.


2008-08-02 Face

odd-wiki-hive - hiv-wiki-en

odd-wiki-hive - hiv-wiki-en - face face-feed

The hiv-wiki-en serves the soup

Our soup is an inclusion of the soup group - hiv-wiki-en which in turn includes all day-page-sets in and the changes to the hiv-wiki-en. The [[Mµ-feed?]] provides the [[Mµs?]] #hiv for the hiv-wiki-en. The three latest Mµs #hiv are included into the bar to the right.

2007-10-26 Face

odd-wiki-hive - hiv-wiki-en

odd-wiki-hive - hiv-wiki-en - face face-feed

The function of the hiv-wiki-en has been extended to that of a center-wiki for web-sites about hiv.

Aggregated information about other wikis and web-sites about hiv are included into their home pages in the hiv-wiki-en.

See our web-site list, please.


Click face or the eyebrows to see our earlier faces and to edit the day-page-set.

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