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A Spliff is, originally, a Jamaican term for a large cone-shaped smoking device carved of wood and packed full of ganja (possibly mixed with tobacco leaf (fronta) or pieces, as per one’s taste). Eventually rolling papers replaced the solid cone. Outside of Jamaica, the word may have diverse meanings.

Spliff is slang for a cigarette rolled with cannabis, usually including tobacco. Spliffs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are also commonly referred to as joints (in America especially), although joint refers to a cigarette made with cannabis alone (no tobacco). They are sometimes called zoots, doobies, or (often sarcastically) referred to with their old slang name of reefers, especially by people who have seen the classic moral panic film Reefer Madness. While “reefer” and “joint” are almost certainly American terms, “spliff” is a term that originated in [[Jamaica?]]. In the [[United_Kingdom?]], the phrase “skinning up” is commonly used to describe the creation of a cannabis or cannabis/tobacco combination cigarette.


Not all spliffs are made of multiple rolling papers. Many smokers have been known to instead make “mini-spliffs” or “one-papes” from a single sheet of rolling paper.

There is a large sub-culture interested in preparing spliffs of different shapes and sizes, from the classic Camberwell carrot to more esoteric constructions that have a degree of engineering to them such as the Dutch Tulip. A certain Mexican technique, for example, produces a fairly conical spliff.

There are striking differences in spliffs prepared in various parts of the world. In the U.S., where flowered marijuana is most common, spliffs are generally made without tobacco and crutches, usually with small rolling papers. In [[Europe?]] and the [[United_Kingdom?]], it is the norm to use tobacco in the joint (to lessen the amount of marijuana required per joint and to help it burn easily), to use a roach and to use kingsize rolling papers. Furthermore, hashish is more common in [[Europe?]] than in the States, and it is extremely impractical to roll or smoke a hashish joint without another substance.

A certain style of rolling called “The Spanish Crutch” uses a half inch cigarette as the crutch.


The Term “Doctoring” means adding an additional rolling paper around the joint to seal holes/tears

This is done to fix a badly rolled splif with holes/tears in the paper, presumably made because of coarse rolling material, or just by poor technique.

This is generally looked down upon by more experienced rollers, or those with more time/patience as it reduces the smoking pleasure by adding even more chemicals from the paper to the smoke when burnt, givin a worse taste.

Tobacco Debate

Many anti-tobacco smokers see tobacco as unnecessary and harmful to smoke. People who use tobacco claim it helps the joint burn, though a well rolled spliff will burn just fine. Tobacco significantly reduces the temperature at which a spliff burns, the most harmful factor in smoking-related illness. Tobacco can also be used to provide a buffer between the roach and cannabis, as it is otherwise difficult to smoke all the cannabis without it either becoming too hot or smoking some of the crutch.

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