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http://kabowiki.org/pics/Pic.335.png The day-page-set for the list of odd-wikis with a home page in the en-odd-center-wiki
Read the page wiki list, explained.

The xxx list in which wikis do we watch? Who is watching the wiki list in the en-odd-center-wiki? See the wiki-net lists wiki-net lists.

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2013-05-23 WikiList

odd-wiki-hive - en-odd-center-wiki

wiki list odd-wiki-hive - en-odd-center-wiki - wiki list wiki-list-feed [en]

The odd-wikis with an interface in English have a home page in the en-odd-center-wiki:


  1. [[css-sand-wiki?]], try out different css’
    en-odd-center-wiki - css-sand-wiki [en]
  2. [[day-page-sand-wiki?]], try out day-page-sets
    en-odd-center-wiki - day-page-sand-wiki [en]
  3. en-odd-center-wiki, for all odd-wikis in English
    en-odd-center-wiki - en-odd-center-wiki [en]
  4. [[en-odd-empty-wiki?]], copy the wiki-net page structure over to a new odd-wiki
    en-odd-center-wiki - en-odd-empty-wiki [en]
  5. en-odd-sand-wiki, try out wiki
    en-odd-center-wiki - en-odd-sand-wiki [en]
  6. odd-wiki-hive, the main wiki
    en-odd-center-wiki - odd-wiki-hive [en]
  7. odd-list-wiki, aggregates the odd-wikis sitting in the main wiki
    en-odd-center-wiki - odd-list-wiki [en]
  8. [[raw-sand-wiki?]], try out wiki without a css
    en-odd-center-wiki - raw-sand-wiki [en]
  9. [[sand-diki?]], try out minute-page based wiki providing a feed for every contribution
    en-odd-center-wiki - sand-diki [en]


  1. [[city-wiki-center?]], for city-wikis
    en-odd-center-wiki - city-wiki-center [en]
  2. [[collab-editor-wiki?]], for collab-editor software projects and applications of collab-editors
    en-odd-center-wiki - collab-editor-wiki [en]
  3. [[hiv-wiki-en?]], for web-sites about hiv and the consequences
    en-odd-center-wiki - hiv-wiki-en [en]
  4. [[language-simple-center-wiki?]], for wikis about a simplified phonetic spelling for different languages
    en-odd-center-wiki - language-simple-center-wiki [en]+[de]-[gr]-[it]-[no]-[xx]-
  5. [[political-wiki-center?]], for political wikis
    en-odd-center-wiki - political-wiki-center [en]
  6. queer-center-wiki, for queer wikis
    en-odd-center-wiki - queer-center-wiki [en]
  7. [[wiki-camp-center?]], for wikis about camps and conferences that have a strong tie to wiki
    en-odd-center-wiki - wiki-camp-center [en]

personal wikis:

  1. [[Hans-Wobbe-wiki?]]
    en-odd-center-wiki - Hans-Wobbe-wiki [en]
  2. Mattis-Manzel-wiki
    en-odd-center-wiki - Mattis-Manzel-wiki [en]+[de]-

other wikis:

  1. [[apathetic-agnostic-church-wiki?]], a church that is no church
    en-odd-center-wiki - apathetic-agnostic-church-wiki [en]
  2. [[collective-problem-solving-wiki?]], solving problems collectively
    en-odd-center-wiki - collective-problem-solving-wiki [en]
  3. [[computer-component-wiki?]],
    en-odd-center-wiki - computer-component-wiki [en]
  4. [[cool-headz-wiki?]],
    en-odd-center-wiki - cool-headz-wiki [en]
  5. [[English-simple-wiki?]], a simplified phonetic English spelling
    en-odd-center-wiki - English-simple-wiki [en]
  6. [[Ishtar-wiki?]],
    en-odd-center-wiki - Ishtar-wiki [en]
  7. [[lady-wiki?]], ladies issues, fpov (female point of view)
    en-odd-center-wiki - lady-wiki [en]
  8. [[mad-scientist-wiki?]],
    en-odd-center-wiki - mad-scientist-wiki [en]
  9. Melbourne-wiki, a city-wiki for Melbourne in Australia
    en-odd-center-wiki - Melbourne-wiki [en]
  10. [[oddmuse-zen-garden-wiki?]], the beauty of css
    en-odd-center-wiki - oddmuse-zen-garden-wiki [en]
  11. [[open-event-wiki?]], open off- and online hokuspokus
    en-odd-center-wiki - open-event-wiki [en]
  12. [[social-synergy-wiki?]],
    en-odd-center-wiki - social-synergy-wiki [en]
  13. software-bazaar-wiki,
    en-odd-center-wiki - software-bazaar-wiki [en]
  14. [[teach-me-wiki?]], teach and learn online in real-time
    en-odd-center-wiki - teach-me-wiki [en]
  15. [[ting-camp-wiki?]], take barcamp online in real-time
    en-odd-center-wiki - ting-camp-wiki [en]
  16. [[Tulsa-movie-maker-wiki?]], a group in Tulsa making movies
    en-odd-center-wiki - Tulsa-movie-maker-wiki [en]
  17. [[wikilandia-guide?]], the adaptor-set of formatting charts for the busy wikilandia hitchhicker
    en-odd-center-wiki - wikilandia-guide [en]
  18. 'wiki-net', connecting wikis to one interacting organism wikilandiawide
    en-odd-center-wiki - 'wiki-net' [en]
  19. [[world-jam-wiki?]], a jam session of musicians worldwide, online, real-time, 24/7, web-radio streamed, CC licensed
    en-odd-center-wiki - world-jam-wiki [en]
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