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The day-page-sand-wiki is a wiki to try out day-page sets.

Experimenting with day-page sets - especially with thread day-page sets like about this wiki - is what this wiki was made for.

The sand-box is to try wiki out. You find short wiki instructions in it.

There are more sand-wikis to try out. Find the most appropriate one for your testing, please. Have fun.

The day-page-sand-wiki sits in the oddwiki-hive and runs on the Oddmuse wiki software which is free / open source software.
We also use [CleanLinking? clean linking] on this wiki - but feel free to write as you please (CamelCase? works, for example FrontPage).
You should take a look at the [[messages_from_odd-wiki?]] before editing.

our day-page-sand-wiki-blog

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2006-12-07 Blog

day-page-sand-wiki: blog

Started only a few days ago the day-page-sand-wiki already widens the visionary reader’s imagination of how day-page-sets could be applied.

Some news about day-page sets on the day-page-sand-wiki

  • day-page sets sort either journal- or recent changes-like. When sorting recent changes-like you can use a day-page for a thread with a free title. The date marks the day when the thread was started.
  • on thread day-pages the latest major edited day-page (representing a thread started on a specific day) lists on top. If another thread in the day-page set is major edited it hops on top of the second latest major edited thread.

There are changes for

  • all day-pages (but without the mother-pages)
  • the mother-pages only
  • single journal day-pages
  • single thread day-pages
    • single threads on thread day-pages

See day-page sets, please.

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