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custom notebook computers

Have you ever wanted to design your own custom notebook? What sort of things have you always wished for on a laptop? Please add them to this list.

See NoteBook for standard off-the-shelf notebook computers.

Many people like their laptop, except for one little thing.

Since desktop computers have fairly standardized interfaces, it’s fairly easy for people to fix “one little thing” by swapping out one component.

There are a few things that can be swapped out on a typical laptop – upgrade the memory, upgrade the hard drive, plug in different “PC Cards”, plug in a different set of headphones, and a couple other things.

But as of 2007, the only way to fix most “one little thing"s on a notebook is to sell off the old notebook and buy an entirely different notebook – one that may have fixed that “one little thing”, but has its own little quirks.

Some things that currently don’t seem to be available on any off-the-shelf notebook computer:

Other things that are cool, and some off-the-shelf computers have them, but apparently no computer has all of them (yet):

further reading

Some relatively primitive notebook that are far more customizable (and have much longer battery life) than typical off-the-shelf notebook computers:

Places that talk about customizing the outer case and heavily hacking some standard desktop or video game console to fit inside it so it looks vaguely like a laptop: (most of these have no batteries, and must be connected to mains power to run)

Places that just talk about customizing the outer case (and putting some standard PDA or laptop guts inside):

Open source laptop hardware reference designs:

Other notebooks that are less customizable than the above:

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