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Welcome to (the temporary location of) the Computer Components wiki, begun 2004-11-02.

So, is it any cheaper to buy each part of a computer (hard drive, motherboard, case, etc.) in quantity one, and assemble it yourself ? Or is it cheaper to buy a pre-built system in quantity one (from a company that buys each part in bulk) ?

It seems like a lot of people pour a lot of research into finding good prices for various components (and for pre-built systems).

old way

The next person has to start that research from scratch.

wiki way

Put 1/100 of your research time into summarizing your conclusions – where are you going to buy your next component from ? Briefly comment on other options and why.

Then the next person can start from your conclusions, do some research of their own (perhaps on other options that you didn’t consider), and update the wiki (delete obsolete information, update to the latest prices, etc.). But the total time spent would be 1/2 the time than if they had started from scratch.

I want unbiased reviews. Unlike most wiki, please do date your prices – prices change rapidly in this field. – DavidCary?




If you are thinking about buying a new computer, you might also want to think about

Any tips you have to share about this ? Any other wiki that talk about this ?

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historical notes

Many moons ago, I optimistically stated It is likely this wiki will merge into the Hard Wiki http://hardwiki.com/ . – DavidCary?

As of 2006-11-24, the Hard Wiki is offline. That puts a kink in my plans to merge these wiki. What happened? I guess I need to move back the pages I moved there. Even if it comes back online tomorrow, I plan to keep this wiki online at least until 2007-03-01 to have a place to discuss what to do if the Hard Wiki goes offline again. – DavidCary?

As of 2007-07-02, the Hard Wiki is still offline. So I expect to keep this wiki online for at least 6 months – even if I find a better, reliable host tomorrow. – DavidCary?

MattisManzel?, 2011-06-19:
The odd-wiki-hive and with it the computer-component-wiki has been moved to oddwiki.org. No idea about the server’s and especially its admin’s (me) reliability yet but I’ll do my very best.


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